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Another commission for :iconthetofusurvivor:, this one being a bit more on the comforting side. Here we have his character Greaser quietly enjoying her work maintaining her party's weaponry.

Greaser and her group are from the fic Fallout Equestria: Outlaw, which can be read here. www.fimfiction.net/story/16293…
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Paperstain545Hobbyist General Artist
O, how I love this! 

The amount of detail is consistent. I see too many pieces with realistic wood or backgrounds, but the characters look like stick figures or vice versa. (An exaggerated example).

You did well!LittlePip hates cannibals 
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Drawer450Student Traditional Artist
She could make a great companion in the fallout equestrian series
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RainstormOfEquestriaHobbyist Traditional Artist
u have new watcher!
Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-03 (Squee) [V1] Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1] *fangirling intensifies* (chat icon) Chiyo Fangirling IconGarnetLA Neko Girl-13 (Fangirling Sparkles) [V1] GIF Gravity Falls - AAAH THE JOURNALS!!!! 
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AnnaKlavaProfessional Digital Artist
This is gorgeous, the attention to detail is magnificent. I like the shadows casted on the wall, and the way the lights hitting her is perfect.
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KDA2077Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, This look amazing! Awesome job Es increible! 
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SketchNotesArtHobbyist Traditional Artist
Absolutely love the shading in this. (And also, "Help me Obi Wan Kenobi")
jfkmindequalsblown's avatar
This is awesome! I love it a lot!
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o0O-BitterSweet-O0oHobbyist Digital Artist
Wooow It's amazing! Omg, super! Yeah, great art!
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madkrayzyponyHobbyist Traditional Artist
Amazing work you've done.
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KrashfaceHobbyist Traditional Artist
whoa, i like this !

Also ... RAILWAY GUN !
f1r3w4rr10r's avatar
f1r3w4rr10rHobbyist Digital Artist
Whoa! Nice lighting! Especially on the HMG in the background.
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BernardDKHobbyist Digital Artist
Jeeeezaz Mr.Mech sama, this is AMAZING! ! !
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kyo4kusanagiProfessional Digital Artist
O o O awwwww how cute XD~
kyo4kusanagi's avatar
kyo4kusanagiProfessional Digital Artist
welcome CX~
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SaoirseRanekaeraHobbyist Digital Artist
Oooooo that gun......

and lol "help me oni wan konobe, you're my only hope"
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Moodyman90Student Artist
My kind of mare heh. Or rather my well liked RP character's kind of mare. But he was happily married with kids last I left him.
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batosanHobbyist General Artist
Neat work!
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OutlawedTofuHobbyist Digital Artist
Nothing but net, Mech, just like always. Even after seeing so much of your work I'm still stunned by how well you capture emotion through expression. I love how serene you've made Greaser look as she works, and it all comes together to portray a very zen state of mind. I'm no artist, but like the others I can echo the compliments of the lighting in the picture, and the hologram is easily one of my favorite parts of the image. I'm really at a loss for more to say, I just love this picture to pieces. Along with the last commission, these are easily two of my most prized pieces of Outlaw artwork.
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Very happy to see that you enjoy the picture! Both the recent Outlaw ones I've done were plenty fun to do, this one for playing with lighting and mood and the other for the sheer emotion in it.
OutlawedTofu's avatar
OutlawedTofuHobbyist Digital Artist
I don't think I can imagine a circumstance where I wouldn't enjoy a picture of yours. Dunno if you've had time for reading or if the story itself has even managed to hold your interest, but I hope working on spoileriffic artwork hasn't put you off of Outlaw. My slow updates probably aren't helping, either. Turns out rewriting is more of an involved process than I thought it'd be.
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Gotta Agree with Wishdom-thumbs there. The lighting is great. Noticed that from the thumbnail already. You're using the two light sources well. Hard to find proper words for it but... it's a very calm piece. Good atmosphere?. Something? And I'd want to say something about the composition as well... it does work... you've always had a knack for leading the watchers eye around the drawing.

Oh and great to see more stuff coming from you after a small pause.
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Thanks! The lighting and atmosphere were the biggest concerns, since they were the most important parts of the piece, so I'm glad to hear they turned out alright. 
Happy for the feedback, as you're own work often inspires me
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