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Wasteland Saviors

By MisterMech
Though such a team up will never really happen, it's fun to wonder 'what if..?'

I chose to depict both LittlePip and BlackJack at their physical primes, hence BJ's lack of eyepatch and braces. Also, this was done before Blackjack's magic color was changed in the story.

Still working on skills with background/landscape but as long as the idea gets through at this point, I'm happy.

LilPip, FO:E > Kkat
Blackjack, PH > Somber
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They were hopeless misfits in the wrong place at the wrong time. Naturally, they became heroes.
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Yet they were also both unknowingly part of the Apple Family, with Littlepip being a descendant of Applejacks' lineage, and Blackjacks' ancestor Tarot being the daughter of Big Macintosh and Twilight Sparkle. Though each Dweller would discover their own lineage, neither would know of this legacy they share as the Saviors of the Wasteland.
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So you didn't finish Project Horizons yet, right? They do meet in fact.
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I've read far enough to to get to that part. It was petty fun
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Wait so littlepip and blackjack meet?
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Don't know for sure. Some time after BJ recieves her first cybernetice.
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What wrong with littlepip lower arm? It look like the pip-buck is stuck on her really good.
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it was fused to her because of over exposure to taint. Now its all..... sticky
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It was actually because of pink Cloud.
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Awesome picture, man :D

[Possible Spoiler Below]

Well as I not-so-recently read, such a team up did happen and I was squeeing the hell out the entire time. Even though it was just against ghouls.
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Oh yes. That was quite the chapter. xD
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You're welcome :3

That has to be my favorite chapter of this entire story xD
Following closely behind are the other chapters with them just relaxing.
Because Blackjack and Little Pip. xD
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Is Pip a robot or a cyborg? (or neither)
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Just really, really irradiated. Irradiated enough by weird magical stuff that... well, weird physical stuff happens to her.
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Wait, Blackjack's magic changed color? Damnit, I missed that. From what to what exactly, and when?
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Whoever is facing these two is so very royally fucked.
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!!! mira vos, vos dibujaste este!... jojo, yo lo estube biendo un largo rato, por que escucho los libros sonoros mientras leo jejeje
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pipbuck. nice word play
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Why do each of their pipbucks look so diifrent
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