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Commissioned by :iconadder1:

Here we have a line up of the seven leaders of the private griffin military corporation 'The Dead Boys' from Adder's FOE side fic 'The Last Sentinel' [link]

From left to right we have Anaiya, Fara, Grimm, Argus, Serris, Malcom, and Stavros. Quite a bit more to explain about these guys, but if you're curious, inquire to ~Adder1 or read the story. :D Either way, hope you enjoy.

FOE -> Kkat
characters -> ~Adder1
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This is insanely cool artwork, amazing characters, too. Keep it up!

One in the centre reminds me of the Marked of Kane from Command and Conquer 3 Kane's Wrath.
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Wow this is all incredible
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3rd from the left reminds me of Psycrow from Earthworm Jim, and the second on the left is like the 3rd angel from Evangellion with that mask. Sick bro :D
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wow... those are some varied gryphons lol
very cool... gosh mr. mech the undead pony with the healing suit and the one in the brain bot like platform on the right are very cool.

Central one reminds me of Frank... he's the frank horrigan of gryphons lol
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I'm slowly getting my own private head canon that every Fallout:Equestria related material that you illustrate is a jackpot in terms of worth of reading o_O
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....Stavros, eh?
I think I see what Adder did there... :icondalekplz:
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That works remarkably well, too.
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I hope that Stavros has more of an indoor voice. :D
Adder1's avatar
... what DID I do there? Seriously. oO
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Stavros isn't similar to Davros? Creator of the Daleks? Doctor Who?
Adder1's avatar
Uhhhh, no. owo Also, believe it or not, I've never seen a single episode of Doctor Who. I really should sometime. >.> No, Stavros Eckhardt's first name was just a Greek name I thought sounded pretty cool.
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Ahhhhhhh. Alright. Such a shame, though. Tell me, is he at LEAST a clinically insane scientist type with a penchant for racial superiority?
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*blink-blinks* Uhhhhhh, no. Honestly, though, it'll be a while before Frost and Co. even meet him.
ArtieStroke's avatar
Ah. Well, darn. There goes that theory.
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gasp !!!IT´S THE COBRAS!!!!! XD
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man, i wish i could afford to have commissions made of my characters...
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Birds of a feather flock together.
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Holy sheet. That is probably the most terrifying group of creatures I have ever seen.
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Then Mech's art and my concepts worked! =D
Sire-Sword's avatar
Apparently so. Now I want to read your story, but I have like, a million years of backlog to get though first.
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It's no problem, really. Hell, the only reason I'm not reading Murky Number Seven by Fuzzy is because I'm following 13 other stories.

And writing my own.

And dealing with college.

And video games.

And other stuff.

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