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Morality of Property

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Published: May 19, 2012
© 2012 - 2020 MisterMech
A commission for :iconsirleadhead: featuring the cast of his fic Fallout Equestria: Morality of Property. Also a fun, quirky fic I reccomend giving a look.

Characters from left to right: Top Notch, Shimmercoat, MG-MS11, Coin Slot, Crescent Wrench, Hiss, Matchstick Flare ( I did not forget a horn. she is an earth pony)

FOE -> Kkat
MoP -> ~SirLeadhead
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Rand-dumsHobbyist General Artist
What is this fanfic called
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 Fallout Equestria: Morality of Property
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Nice to see hiss so well done, and ergh, poor matchstick did have it rough for so long.
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Tyraka628Hobbyist General Artist
What story is this and where can I find it?
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CheshCHobbyist General Artist
Hold up, is that a TF2 Medigun I see in the background? :D
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Yes, it's a MEDI (Medical Extraction and De-fragmentation Injector) Gun, wielded by a robotic doctor. There were even TF2 references made while he was using the gun.
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CheshCHobbyist General Artist
I think I should read this some time....
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You should. Probably the best side story out there (after maybe Pink Eyes). A pleasant amount of humor mixed in with the dark, and very well written.
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CheshCHobbyist General Artist
Right now I'm working on Project Horizons, Murky Number Seven, and Heroes.
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DeusiraStudent Digital Artist
i have not read this fic, but i looked up the name for the mr handy and he is a medical bot, so i am assuming that is suppose to be a medigun and the visual he used what the one from tf2, so yeah
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Sire-SwordHobbyist General Artist
I saw this and my first thought was "League of Extraordinary Gentle colts". It is still really awesome still.
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Where can I find this story?
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Clone999Student Digital Artist
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Why thank you my good man
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...Im going to read this story now thanks to your art
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Hope you enjoy it. :D
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It might take a few days till I can get to it but I will let you know what I think
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gratz on the EQD MisterMech. I'm prolly as happy as you are, getting signal boost from your art is awesome :D
MisterMech's avatar
Thanks. :D the story really should get more readers. It's a fun story already, though I'm still catching up on the chapters.
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Hey man congrats on making it to EQD

I enjoy your fallout Equestria work. Always nice to fallout Equestria getting good art work :D
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Thank you. :) Always happy to hear how others enjoy the work.
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