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Just an interpretation of the mysterious manipulator himself from Project Horizons.

FO:E> Kkat
PH > Somber
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honestly, I really like Goldenblood. He's actually really cute, and him being the OIA director makes him absolutely awesome. I know he's considered a bad guy, but I understand what he's getting at, considering he ran an organization that's like the CIA. He's the type to suggest covert ops and assassinations. So, yeah, I'd say he's more of an anti-hero.

Goldenblood, more like coldblooded
Dang was that mine shaft scene disturbing.

He does not blink and I have to wonder if he was already under the starmetal tuning fork then.
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So what category did Fluttershy fall under? I know "love" is the first guess, but considering the amount of commitment he made to her, I figured it was counter to his statement on family
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I always shudder when I think about blackjacks description of his breathing. I feel simultaneously bad for him as well as angry at him. God damnit Somber why are you so good at your job? >:l
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I have no idea of what to think of this guy...Some chapters make me hate him, others make me think he has the right idea.
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That's the best part about his character.
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I find the fact that he doesn't blink the creepiest part about this guy for some reason
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oh yes, quite a creepy trait t have, yet one I absolutely love. Always seems to make the person using it look like they're a hair away from snapping.
I know this guy is a complete bastard(literally), but why is he listed in the PH:Enemies compilation. We still don't know if he's still alive or if he's even a threat to BJ and her crew.
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For the time being, I'm considering him an enemy, even in just the vaguest sense, until the story further reveals more of his fate and actions.
I can live with that.
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nice color selection...
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The slight tinge of blue to his coat was sort of a nod to that one theory that the Dealer and GB may be connected, since I used a blue tint to the Dealer in my Folly picture.
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oh i see... you made him into a rully purddy ponie...
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That son of a bitch...Awesome pic though. :D
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Ah Goldenblood. It could probably be said that in many respects, he was the closest thing pre-Bomb Equestria had to Red Eye. And as with Red Eye, I'm pretty well convniced that even if he started off with the noblest of intentions, his methods proved to be anything but (doubley so if those tid bits of his involvement in the events leading up to the day the Bombs fell are true).

Personally I don't think Goldenblood could ever be considered a hero after all the things he's probably done, but it is starting to look like he may have been the lesser of two evils...
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The second I read about this guy in the story, I don't know what it was, but all a knew is I wanted him dead, and then later I just wanted him more dead, and when he killed the other pony that was it, string that bastard up. Nice work man, it's almost exactly how I pictured him.
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Haha, I felt the same way when he first showed up.
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I always imagine him with a big 'ol mustache. Anyways, it's cool that you illustrate scenes. How come you haven't gotten any of your art posted on the Project Horizon Eqd page?
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Ah Goldenblood. A bigger dick than Blueblood, yet somehow infinitely more likable.
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I cant put my finger on exactly what it is but your pony hips and hind legs always looks excellent, this is no exception.
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