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Canterlot Yacht Airship

Hardest vector I have ever done. Probably hardest I will ever do. Net about 7 and a half hours. Enjoy.

Compare to the shaded version here: [link]
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Two vehicles combined as one?

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This airship appears (albeit in tiny form) in my picture, here. Thanks for creating this in the first place!
Just used this in a piece: [link]

You've been linked to. Hope that's ok.
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Yes, of course it's okay! Although I wish my vector was worth a little more than 1 of whatever currency that is :C
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There's a VERY good chance that I will be using it in multiple future PMV's, all credits will be given.
Would I have permission to use it in them though?
Youtube Channel:
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Anywhere you want :D
Well, I figure the 1 is going to be the most common, so more people will see your awesome airship that way :D

The currency is supposed to be "Bits" (I couldn't find a symbol existing already; I guess canon hasn't gotten as far as paperr currency yet).
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Okay, okay, I can see the logic. Awesome either way :P
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I used your vector in my project, thanks! :: [link]
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Would you mind if I used this in a YouTube video for some music I wrote?
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Sure, feel free!
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Thanks! Here's the link: [link]
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Your hard work paid off this is amazing! I hope it's okay to ask, but I want to use this for a FanFic cover image. I will of course give full credit when uploaded!

Great work again! :)
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I would be honored!
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Now just need to pimp it with Equestria's latest black powder cannons and COME AT ME HYRDA, DRAGON, SEAGULL *insert any flying thing here*
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Why yes. Yes it is.
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Kirov Airship again :P
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when I was watching the song and Rarity and Fancy Pants were on the yatch I was like :iconwtfmanplz: , but then I saw the airship and I was :icongoodguygregplz:
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I thought about vectoring that thing myself, just because I wanted to call it the Leviathan airship. I don't know where this Wind Fish name comes from that people keep saying, but Leviathan sounds so much cooler.
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The wind fish is a being from the Zelda series, and yes it looks a lot like this ship.
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