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Hey anyone who is reading this-- I have a little free time this week and thus I am taking requests for FREE sketches for anyone who wants one! Send me a message or reply here and I'll do my best to fulfill your request in pencil (probably) and I'll either put it up here on DA or if you prefer send it to you privately. Obviously I may refuse if the request is something I can't do for whatever reason but that's not likely. This is open now thru Friday April 7!
Hey everyone, just letting you all know that Mister Kitty has gotten hep to the 90s and now has brand new podcast with all sorts of novelty tunes, some interviews from this year's Anime North, and of course a plug for the Kickstarter campaign with a lengthy interview with Shain which discloses a whole bunch of info on the secret origin of the webcomic The Element of Surprise! So go give the podcast a listen!
Just thought I'd put up a reminder that not only is there an ongoing Kickstarter campaign for a print edition of The Element of Surprise webcomic, BUT Mister Kitty also has an Etsy store, which now has a few handmade EoS-themed items up for sale! Thanks for checking it out!!
Hey folks, if any of you are readers of the website The Element of Surprise, which runs weekly at Mister Kitty, there is now a Kickstarter campaign to make a print version of the first two stories! Check it out  here
Any help spreading the word would be greatly appreciated!!
Like the title says, I finally completed the animated music video based on my webcomic, The Element of Surprise! It took way too long but you can now view it on YouTube right here

Please enjoy!
I feel I've been remiss in neglecting to mention that Mister Kitty now has an Etsy store where for now, you can buy various vintage comics, magazines, and other cool junk from our collections! We've just started putting stuff up, and might be selling original art in the future as well, so stay tuned!

We've got one more update to the site coming up this week, then we'll be going on a short holiday, and after that, all our regular features will reappear, along with the Georgie Girls and Behind the Blue Door comics. The Element of Surprise webcomic will also return soon, and if there's any interest there may be a print version of that coming up in the near future. More on that when it happens!

Also, the music video being animated for The Element of Surprise is completed, and will be uploaded immediately after the holiday, so look for that on July 21!
If you read the webcomic The Element of Surprise, there is a new 3-page bonus story up, starting here. This will be the last Element of Surprise story until 2014, I think, but I'll probably periodically have pictures of Ben and Mark to put up here before then.

Also, this isn't really new to anyone here, but Georgie Girls is now collected on the website, and will probably only be updated there from here on, though I'll be sure and mention it here when there's a new strip.

Anyway, that's all for now! Thanks!
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That's right, just like it says, the Mister Kitty team (Dave and Shain) will be doing a Stupid Comics panel at Con Bravo in Hamilton, Ont. this Sunday at 3pm! So if anyone here at DA is gonna be at Con Bravo, please drop by and say hi! We've got a 2 hour slot to fill with a PowerPoint Presentation of comics that are silly, sad, or just plain stupid. We did a similar panel at Anime North the past few years and it was lots of fun. Mr. T will be there! (not in person. in a colouring book)
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After premiering at Anime North's Anime Hell event last Friday, I've uploaded my new preview video for the music video I've been working on. I wish it wasn't such slow going but I'll have it completed... someday. Anyway, you can look at the new preview here:…
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Just thought I'd drop a link to Mister Kitty's new You Tube channel and our first upload, a very short preview of a music video Shain's working on (all original animation) based on her webcomic the Element of Surprise:…

Despite what it says in the video, it will probably not be finished any time soon.
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Hey all, just a quick note to drop a link for Mister Kitty's Stupid Shop:…

Your one-stop shop for all things Mister Kitty! well, some things Mister Kitty. Mister Kitty has a right to privacy too you know.
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Just figured I'd put up a notice that Shain's comic <a…>The Element of Surprise has started its 2nd volume, and with the 10 new pages that are up is a new intro page with drop-box menus. I wasn't sure how well those would work out but they save a great deal of space on the page and they seem to work well navigation-wise; if anyone reading this finds any problems with the new navigation system, please let us know! Thanks!
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Hey everyone, I've posted this a few other places, but to celebrate the redesign of the Mister Kitty main page (…), this weekend until Monday at 3pm Eastern I'll be taking free sketch requests from anyone who wants one! Anything you want, fanart, original characters, as long as it's within reason and I'll give a free, no strings attached sketch!
So if you want to make a request, leave a comment here, or at the Mister Kitty LJ post (…), or drop us an e-mail if you please at misterkittyinfo at gmail dot com.
Have a great weekend!
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