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If there are any fans still out there for my webcomic, The Element of Surprise, there are 2 things I want y'all to know: 1) I actually AM still working on bonus stories for the last volume, but I've been so busy with real life stuff I haven't been able to devote enough time as of late. They WILL get done, though, I swear.

2) and more urgently, I'm gonna be taking down most of the first TWO volumes of The Element of Surprise from the Mister Kitty website. I'm leaving volume 3 up because, like I said I haven't even finished the bonus stories, and also, I think it's higher-quality work than the other two volumes. HOWEVER if you still want to read it whenever you want, you will soon be able to download a PDF from our brand new Patreon:

The two volumes won't go down until I get the PDFs up onto the Patreon, so don't worry, I'm not gonna leave anyone hanging. It will be happening in the next couple of weeks, possibly sooner, though! Anyway, in the meantime enjoy this colour version of a sketch I did a while back! I inked and coloured it in Toon Boom Harmony, which may suggest to you where much of my free time has been spent.
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I was surprised to find a copy of the first story at a local comic shop near my hometown, I had no idea you printed work beforehand. (I bought it by the way)

edit: I didn’t see your post about the printed comics until now lol

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I'm even more surprised than you! I haven't sold any copies to comics shops. I guess they bought it 2nd hand from someone who bought it from me. Thanks for purchasing it, I hope you enjoyed it! And yeah, as you saw, I'm selling the whole story in print volumes now.

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Ahh ok that’s interesting, I didn’t expect that. I mean, that shop does have every kind of comic you can imagine. I even found a Seattle Zine from 2004. Anyway, it’s very cute, I enjoy the male romance genre
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Actually I remembered I do have some of the early zines collecting the 1st 24 pages or so of the 1st volume in some stores, so if that's what you've got it's not that surprising, lol. Anyway glad you enjoyed!

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