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...No comment about this pic... XD
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No joke, YOU should have written the Twokinds comics. I prefer stuff like this compared to the author's treatment of Laura.
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It would have been fonnier if she came flying in with a market gardener.
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Well you know what they say,
talk shit get crit.
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that was awesomely hilarious
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AWESOME! It's spelled "Fiance", though. sry to point it out.
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I would be nice if Laura hadn't died. She was really nice for everyone. I feel sorry for her.:tears:
I'm not sure, but I think she comes back. I know that Trace found her in a cave and brought her back with him so the Bastin could help her.

I just hope that Nick comes back.
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Oh man! This is a pretty good outtake here. I would love it if Tom, the creator himself, used this idea for the Bonus Features of a DVD!
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ZOMG! THE SACRED BONK!!! :thumbsup: :iconscoutplz: "Why so Bonk'd?".
Awesome job, as always.
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bah, he'll be smart and choose Natani anyway.
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This is really good, what did you use to color it?
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Thanks! I colored in photoshop ps3 when my tablet's still alive. =D
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Ooh,what kind of tablet?
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Genius. =D but now, it's died and went to heaven. *sad* T^T
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Aww that sucks...They're expensive.
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