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Reaching for the Light by misterj02 Reaching for the Light by misterj02
I still don't own WITCH. And strangely enough, neither do the original creators. Someone else screwed them out of it.

Like I said in the accompanying piece, Meridian is my favourite story arc in the WITCH franchise. I also like the Nerissa and New power ones, though mostly because they handle things quite similar to the Meridian arc. (like setting up mysteries, or a big personal conflict between good and bad sides)
I also said in the accompanying piece how Elyon still exhibits pretty dark traits for a light-themed character, even long after the Meridian conflict has been resolved.

So logically, if I were to write up a WITCH story arc (though I'm on the fence about wether I should), It would not only be a repition of the meridian arc (Let's face it, most WITCH arcs look pretty good when they start off copying Meridian), it would also focus a lot on Elyon's darker, more villanous streak. Because, quite frankly, that's what I find very interesting about her character.

There's also something about a Melanie-shaped rosebush that I find just inherrently creepy. maybe it's the spiky hair...

Also, while I think the WITCH TV show made some questionable choices here and there, I'd just like to point out that, if nothing else, it really knew how to make a dark world like Meridian look really dark and gothic. The permanently darkened sky, the spiky features of the castle, the huge dark halls leading up to an evil tyrant in this really tall dark throne framed with treeroot-like designs and really tall so everyone has to look up at said tyrant while he can just casually look down on them and with these huge glass-in-lead windows behind him looking really ominous and dark, or the general rocky and sorry shape of the land...
There's just something that really sets the mood as something dark and unpleasant.

So yeah. Enjoy :D
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September 11, 2011
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