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Falling in the Dark by misterj02 Falling in the Dark by misterj02
I don't own WITCH. It's someone else's property.

Busting out my illustrator- and photoshop skillz to actually make it look cool. :P

Anyone who I talk about WITCH to will undoubtedly know, the Meridian story arc is my favourite arc in the franchise. On one side we have an ongoing theme of friendship and magic and trust. On the other, we have deceit, manipulation and treason. At the center of the conflict are Cornelia Hale and Elyon Brown. They're best friends, but due to circomstances they wind up on opposing sides. And while Cornelia gets placed in the good guy camp and is desperately trying to save her best friend, Elyon ends up with the bad guys and happily exhibits all their bad guy traits towards even her best friend.

And even long after the Meridian conflict is resolved and Elyon has rejoined the side of the good guys, she still shows some pretty dark traits. She gives her brother Phobos a pretty cold shoulder when he decides to toss himself into an endless abyss. Something the other heroes of the story take the time to regret and reflect upon. Also, that one special where her adoptive father starts hunting down her most trusted companion Caleb against her wishes? Yeah. She chews him out on it, making a special point out of not forgiving him.
Let me say that again: Elyon makes a point of not forgiving the person she's loved as a father her whole life, even when he admits he was wrong and practically pleads for that forgiveness.

This picture is based on the concept of Elyon's initial fall into the darkness of Phobos-ruled Meridian with Cornelia reaching out to try and save her while Elyon herself remains hesitant.

But enough of me rambling. Enjoy :D
Denda14 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2011
beautiful :)
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