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Candirocks reviews Korra (For real this time) by misterj02 Candirocks reviews Korra (For real this time) by misterj02
Korra is so going to make me look like I'm ripping them off.

I mean, I was drawing Korra and even her general anatomy reminds me of one of my own characters.

But yeah, The Legend of Korra is awesome. There's some ATLA in there, but most of it is backstory and atmosphere. I heard some people complaining about the lack of old characters, but I think it's not that bad. The new cast would be overshadowed by the old favourites if they did return. This series really is trying to stand on it's own.
Of course, there's plenty of nods to the old series, but so far they're made in the style the old series refferenced it's own backstory so newcomers are still welcome. And the stuff is also fresh and new enough that even people who disliked the original series (Do those even exist?) should check this out.

The animation is that great ATLA quality, with beautiful backdrops and real cool action. There's a few tweaks to the character anatomy and some CG elements, but I think that serves to make things look better.

And finally, the characters. Mako and Bolin I don't have much to comment on (Except that Bolin is taking over for Sokka as the ladies man), but they're only introduced in episode 2 so that'll come over time.
Korra and Tenzin on the other hand are great. Korra is different from Aang in every way, except their avatar status and their tendacy for heroism. This means she gets to be my favourite character archetype: the strong independant woman who gets to show everyone how awesome she is.
Tenzin is voiced by J.K. Simmons. So you'd probably expect a loud-mouth fast talking barrage of 'so crazy it's funny'. But here, he plays against type and is the calm, collected spiritual mentor type. Of course, since this is J.K. we're talking about, he's still really funny, trying to stay serious and enlightened when Korra just won't allow him to.

So yeah, I'm really looking forward to the rest of this series. I don't know if it will reach the heights that ATLA did, or if it just flies on it's precursor's momentum, but I'm exited for the next episode. :)

Incidentally, Candy seems to sponge up more and more of my own traits the more I have her review.

Korra is awesome, and it'll premiere on TV this week. April 14th. Be sure to watch it.

Enjoy! :D
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