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The Troll King by MisterIngo The Troll King by MisterIngo
The Troll King

Yet another project for school. In this assignment we were charged with the task of designing the concepts around a videogame, based on the story of Snow White.

Of course, it was not to be a rip off, but certain elements from Snow White (and other fairytales) had to be included:

- The presence of Evil
- The Hero
- The hero's Helper (in Snow White's case, the dwarfes - in my case, the troll)
- The Betrayer (in Snow White it's the hunter who's supposed to kill her. This one was optional, so I don't have any artwork for him)

Of course, the whole purpose was to design concept art, and this is my concept art of the troll...

This Troll is kind and friendly to all that dare to near him, but he is sad and confused, as he doesn't remember anything about his past - he's been an old troll for as long as he can remember. As is turns out, he is the old ruler of the land, cast out by the Evil Witch who put a spell on him. ;)

In retrospect I realize I've actually drawn my grandfather, who passed away in August. Not only does the troll share his feature, being big and strong as my grandfather was, but he also shares his fate: my grandfather had Alzheimers.

It's strange what we do without really knowing about it...
QuiltOfTheDammd Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2010
haha, minna llitt om farfar :)
MisterIngo Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
Ikkje sant? Eg ante ikkje eg tegna han før eg var ferdige. Fekk same tebagemellingå då eg sendte an te Mammy. ;)
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February 6, 2010
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