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Bunnies Scream Again

YAY! It's finally finished!

So what can I say? I like it! I have to admit, looking at this, seeing how nice and sharp and clear it looks, well... I can't believe I made it.

So I called it "Bunnies Scream Again" seeing as this is a remake. It has taken too long to remake, or rather a re-imagining of the my original. In a way, I tried to be more true to Munch in some areas, like the area to the right of the bunny, though still being true to my original intention. As you might notice, this version is indeed more colourful than Munch's. It's brighter, more vibrant and less disturbing.

The original file is some 4000 times 5176 pixels and I went over it all, again, with a 13 pixel wide brush. ;) It took quite a long time, but I'm happy.

I'm particulary happy with the sky of this version, as it's more vibrant, more alive, more like a sky I think, though one never sees such colours in real life.

You can view my original here: Bunnies Do Scream

I hope you are too. ;)
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Bunnies don't appreciate fine art... BUT THEY CAN DANCE!
Rabbid Luigi win! Dancing Macarena Rabbids 
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I love both this and the original.  So funny and so well-done, too!
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Wow it's amazing! xD
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I like the first one better because it actually looks like a real painting. This is too smooth, and it takes away from the feel of the picture. As the Nostalgia Critic said, the best works of parody emulate the scope and scale of what they're parodying and then insert something silly. The fact that this looks less like the original painting takes away from the humor factor, and I think it just looks worse in general.
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Hi. I have been developing alarm application.
of course, it is free. Not commercial app.

can i use this bunnie at the application?
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You should make T-shirts o.o
I would buy one :D
Great, but I prefer the sketchy look from the original image ;-) Rabbids are AWESOME :D
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Hey... Love it... And a quiz. Can you let out a print... cause it would look really awesome in my living room. :D
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Seems inspired from! [link]
Great stuff! man :-D
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That is awesome x3
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hahahahaaha amazing xD
I logged in just to leave a comment on this
wow amazing ! and hysteric too
I love the rabbids - and this is simply just perfect combination of the rabbid & munch !
I really hope to see more work like this !
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lol. I love it. I guess bunnies do really scream.
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Thank you for this great masterpiece!
I framed it and nailed it on my wall: [link]
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AWESOME! How big is it? Wonderful frame! :D
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awesome!!! XD
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