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November 21, 2006
Of the few instances that reduce wit to redundancy, devising a writeup for Bunnies Do Scream by *MisterIngo is a fine example for one. Little is to be said for a positively insane association of Munch and raving rabbids, whereas the image clearly speaks for itself.
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Bunnies Do Scream




If you like this, check out the updated version: Bunnies Scream Again

This is my homage to my fellow Norwegian Edvard Munch (his Scream of course) and the absolutely hilarious looking Rayman Raving Rabbids.

I had this idea shortly after completing my iD, but as with most of my great ideas that pop into my head just before I go to sleep, it slipped away in the night and only came back to me this morning!

Quite incidently too. I heard the word "scream" on the radio and the idea rushed itself back into my head!

Okay. Artwise, I'm very happy with it. I had planned on keeping it simpler so I finished the bunny first, but when I started doing the background I put too much detail in and I had to change the bunny a little bit.

I think it suits him perfectly.
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