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  • Reading: the great LIFE photographers
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  • Eating: bush tomato and peppercorn sausages
  • Drinking: scotch
My apologies for my sporadic comments here but I'm far more active on flickr than on DA these days. One of the main reasons is that on flickr you can preview your contacts' images without having to subscribe (though I *do* subscribe to flickr). It makes keeping up so much easier. Also, I prefer flickr's groups and sets facilities.   

Some of my flickr sets in slideshow:

Necropolis Now (Graves tombs and cemeteries).

Twisted Trees.

Gods and Monsters.


And more.     
  • Listening to: the tempest in my head
  • Reading: the great LIFE photographers
  • Watching: everything around me
  • Eating: bush tomato and peppercorn sausages
  • Drinking: scotch

He's been DIRT

Thu May 11, 2006, 3:31 AM
My friend Dirt

I just wanted to say a little thank you to my friend, Dirt for his willingness to pose for me and endure my exortations to "move this way. No, that way. No, better how it was before".

Here are just some of his appearances from my DeviantART gallery (incl. scraps).

Pimpadelic Dirt:

Pimpadelic Dirt by misteriddles Pimpadelic Dirt - Outtake No:2 by misteriddles   Pimpadelic Dirt -- Outtake by misteriddles
Brokeback Dirt:

Brokeback Dirt by misteriddles Brokeback Dirt - Outtake No:2 by misteriddles   Brokeback Dirt - Outtake by misteriddles

Film Noir Dirt:

Harry Chicago by misteriddles Last bad hand by misteriddles   Death of Dirty Dario



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(D[V"ŵ!qPq{)*x}cdO*?A cdOcdO?EV'?V'?[?D[?DPH>n/>n/A cdOcdO?EV'?V'?[?D[?DPH>n/>n/A cdOcdO?EV'?V'?[?D[?DPH>n/>n/A cdOcdO?EV'?V'?[?D[?DPH>n/>n/A cdOcdO?EV'?V'?[?D

Ambushed by misteriddles   Signor Indovinellos Letter



!! !!''''''''''I"Ĥ

==uOAEe^TlW4V[FyPcEe^TlW4V[XQEEPQEiPJtaE(m@"'J]Oz1uPڟ3@Z"u+T ,|[0zZj9?$
(P )+!U:~|X
f":>ڣtMk7O:؞NM@@Ti ?f%5+"EaX((vyݤ"ĿFb꿫~;uFb*;ukPWQEEPXԇ?_uWXaۯ_"9o÷_ E]t:b/ux

One more Dirt:
Dirt Petty by misteriddles


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Sat Apr 22, 2006, 3:26 AM

I am the fig man
They are the fig men
I am the fig queen  
Goo goo g'joob

Figtasmagoria by misteriddles     Figs A-Flame by misteriddles

Entwined -- night version by misteriddles     Entwined by misteriddles

Dawn Dog-Walkers by misteriddles     Moreton Bay Figs by misteriddles

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:icondapride: :iconretrotography: :iconex-po-zure:
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Thu Apr 6, 2006, 11:18 PM
Comment deprivation syndrome

I've been suffering Comment Deprivation Syndrome. It's kinda sad to admit it, but it's true. Since returning to DA my pics have generated noticeably fewer comments than they used to.

Part of it will be down to the fact that many of my contacts are no longer active, but there also seems to have been a change in the DA culture since the advent of 'reply'. Before 'reply', to respond to someone's comments you pretty much had to go visit their main page, which encouraged you to also have a look at their work       and make some reciprocal comments. These days its too easy to just click reply, write 'thanks dude', and move on.

Now, I know as well as the next deviant that it's not all about comments, but it's still nice to get them and it's disappointing when images you consider to be amongst your best seem to be all but ignored.

But we shall soldier on. I'm gonna get active in some groups to get a bit more exposure and to make new contacts.

I also have a new gallery at

Bareback Mountin'

Gallery page:…

:iconthe-abandoned-album: :iconrestlessphotographer:
:icondapride: :iconretrotography: :iconex-po-zure:
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The best stuff

Mon Mar 20, 2006, 1:02 AM
Misteriddles mono 'masterpieces'

Just as I subscribed to DA last weekend I also started up a new gallery at Flickr

It will feature the best of my old pics and a smattering of new ones. So far, everything posted has been black and white. The beauty fo flickr is that you can view someone's entire gallery as a slideshow or view 'sets' of pics arranged by theme.

My slideshow:…

There are some images yet to appear here on DA, such as:


Behind the Cutrain
Behind the Curtain


Sleeping Rough
Sleeping Rough

and several others.

Why not pop over and take a look?

I will continue to keep posting here as well.

Ciao for now.

  • Listening to: Chelsea Hotel #2 - Leonard Cohen
  • Reading: Let it Blurt: The Life and Times of Lester Bangs
  • Watching: The Killing (Kubrick, 1956)
It's taken a long time, but I've finally turned to the other side: I've gone and bought myself a digital SLR. It's a Canon EOS 350D (equivalent to the Canon Rebel in the US). My research showed it to be the best quality entry-level digital SLR available here, and the price was right. The equivalent Nikon, for instance, is 6 mexapixels compared to the Canon's 8. And I was ecstatic to find the b&w mode comes with 'virtual' filter effects so you can add red, green yellow, orange or blue filtration without losing valuable f/stops as you do with 'real' glass filters.

So far I'm very happy with it, though I'm taking the learning curve slowly. Prior to this, I've only owned fully manual film SLRs -- a Ricoh and a Pentax, both budget models, and both perfectly good to learn the fundamentals of photography. Oh yeah, I had a Lubitel medium format TLR for a while, but only ever ran a few films through it because film and d & p was relatively rare and expensive, and the camera itself had no internal metering system. Nice quality images though.

I'm very excited to now be free of the restraint caused by the cost of film and d & p. I hope it heralds an new spirit of experimentation in my photographs. Friends, please bear with me as I learn my way around the new camera and get inspired to take up the craft again. Small steps first. You've got to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince.

Watch this space!
Please check out my gallery. Comments welcome.
Until the last week I've not used my camera for about two years. I'm not happy with the optics of my Pentax film SLR and have been waiting for the price of digitial SLRs to fall. I still don't have one, but someday soon I hope to get one.   

Nonetheless, I was invited by Tourism Victoria to tour the Great Ocean Road, South West of Melbourne last week. Luxury accommodation, meals and transport all paid. I've not had a decent getaway for over a decade, so i jumped at the chance and took my Pentax SLR.

Coastal Victoria was lovely, but I particularly fell in love with the City of Melbourne itself - bigger, proudly multicultural, far more cosmopolitan than Brisbane. If it weren't for my support network here I'd seriously consider moving there.

Nonetheless, the trip has opened up my horizons after some years of allowing my dreams to shrivel and my future potential to bleaken. Firstly, I must give up those goddamn cigarettes so I can afford to buy a digital SLR and travel more often.

My apologies to old deviant friends I've not visited  for a while. DA was simply eating my time in an unhealthy way. I had to break free :)  
My Bootsy died last night -- one day after my birthday.

Kidney infection led to kidney failure. The vet did all that was possible.

I'm grieving, but also relieved that the stress of the last few days has now passed for both he and I (wondering whether he'd live or die).  

I've never felt more like a mother to any pet than I have with Bootsy. He was small and skinny and frightened of people (other than me). And he had no road sense whatsoever (thanks again to all who prayed when he was run over in March 2003). The vet said he looked like had been the runt of his litter. So my emorional bonding to Boots was very maternal. I feel pretty shattered.

I've buried him  beneath my bedroom window so he'll be close to me. I intend to plant a "happy plant" next to his resting place to remind me of the happiness he brought me over the past nine and half years.   

My ongoing apologies for not visiting DA lately. I have not been taking photographs. My artistic aspirations have been turned towards making my house and garden more pleasant -- and I really needed to get a life away from the computer. Currently, I'm seriously into gardening -- slowly turning my quarter acre of weeds into a low maintenance green oasis. :)   
Around this time seven years ago I was driving my father to the hospital for the last time. A month later he died. Kidney failure. It's a pleasant enough death, apparently. As your blood becomes increasingly polluted you drift off into dreamland, unconsciousness and death over a few short days.

The morning we got the call from the hospital was the morning I moved back home to look after Mum. But within a fortnight of Dad's death she too succumbed to illness and was ordered to hospital. Another month and she was gone too. Kidney failure. It's pleasant enough, I'm told.

So it's nearly seven years since I moved back to the family home, but there are parts of this place I've not yet claimed as my own. One such place is the kitchen.

I realised this week that despite repainting it early on, and using it every day, the kitchen-dining room has never felt 'mine'. The kitchen end was my mother's domain; the dining end the site of so many warm and loving, communicative times all three of us shared together.

In seven years I've rarely ever sat at that dining table, preferring instead to eat in front of the tv. Similarly, all previous dinner & drinks guests have been served in the lounge -- usually a fondue, sometimes fabulous, sometimes failed.

But lately I've been reclaiming the kitchen; making improvements, buying new gear and rehabilitating items from the past (crock pots are back in). It's taking on a funky 1968-1973 vibe with lots of orange retro items to set off the lavender walls. And those 'out there' geometric rugs were a find :)

Last weekend, for the first time in seven years, I served dinner to friends in the kichen/dining room. Though i didn't go into the enterprise conscious of this as some long delayed 'landmark' in my recovery from grief, I suddenly became aware of how great it was to reclaim this 'sacred' site; to remember without pain that I'd had so many warm and loving times there, and to share it now with a new 'family'.

With much laughter, wine and good conversation, we felt so comfortable sitting there that we didn't move all night.

Quite pleasant really. :)
I'm the freak in the centre panel :)…
Still kickin'.

Not defeated.

Working part time in the afternoons/evenings (when I used to do DA).

Will return.

Autumn is here. Green leaves turn golden brown and hang-glide to the ground.

I too have fallen.

I am no longer editor. My hours have been cut and my income slashed. To stay afloat we've had to change our publishing schedule from fortnightly to monthly, and there's just not enough money to keep me on as editor. None of this is due to poor performance on my part, and no-one who knows the situation claims otherwise. I did the best I could given the resources and policies with which I had to work, but it is still a blow to my self-esteem and won't look good on my CV.

To pay the bills I'm reaching levels of frugality I doubt even my Scottish forebears could bear, and have taken on a part-time telemarketing job. Last time I telemarketed I had a nervous breakdown, so I'm not sure how long that's going to last.  

I want a job in maintream media or PR, but such jobs are few and far between in this city, and despite having written a lot of political news, features and reviews of all kinds, mainstream employers seem to think a gay newspaper must be some sleazy contact mag. I've got to wonder if I'll ever make it.

I have so little experience in anything else that I fear I'll forever be telemarketing or on the dole. And I'm terrified I'll be unable to pay bills and forced to sell the family home.

At least things look a little brighter at the end of this week than they did at the beginning. More than once this week I looked out the front of the house at the big rain tree with its leaves turning golden brown, and pictured myself dangling from a rope around one of its denuded limbs.

But I shall persevere. After every winter comes a spring.  
It's taken two years but it looks like I'm gonna hit my milestone soon.

Are you the lucky number 10,000?

retrotography dapride
I've taken to gardening. Yes, gardening. After sprucing up the interior of my home I've started work on the exterior. If I had loads of money I'd be doing it all a lot quicker, but as it is there's a jungle in the backyard that needs quite a bit more machete work. It's good exercise.

I'm sick of struggling to get by on my wage, and have started looking for a career change. But where to? Journalism jobs aren't easy to get around here, and my area of 'expertise' is not particularly valued or understood by potential employers, but I have no desire to move to another city. I guess I have to bide my time; keep looking and hope I can find the right move.

I've not been spending a lot of time on DA this year except to make a fortnightly catchup on my friends' new deviations.  Getting myself away from the computer has been a good move as it has allowed me start addressing a whole range of issues. For some years I'd got stuck in a rut of going to work, coming home and immediately turning on the puter and keeping it on for hours and hours. But this year the house has stayed clean; I'm drinking much less, exercising more, and I've started to do something about my work situation.  

Let's hope it will pay off.
feeling better now

financial worries still a concern

but am generally handling things better

feeling more positive

I'm a bit sad today.

It feels like my best friends are deserting me.

Of my two very best friends, one has just gone to Melbourne and may not return. The other became a father last month and has no time for me any more.

It's all come on top of a financial bottleneck at work which has seen my pay drastically delayed and cut, meaning I'm stuck at home at the very time I'm feeling most isolated.

AND on top of that we've just had several days of horrendous heatwave which topped 107 degrees fahrenheit (41.9 celsius) with very high humidity. Lots of oldies popped their clogs, and I can't blame 'em.  

Anyhow, I'm trying to stay positive and busy and the house has remained very clean :)

Will catch up on comments very soon.

Love ya all.   
There's a new group on DA called retrotography.

Passing that up was not an option :D

There's a new group on DA called Retrotography and I HAD to join :)
You are a Hippie. Wow.

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