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Published: April 21, 2002
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From the castle on St Michael's Mount, Cornwall.

28mm lens. Ilford XP1. Toned in photoshop.

Actually, I have a mild clock phobia. All but one of the the clocks in my house are for decorative purposes only. I render the rest inoperative so I can't hear that infernal ticking. Even my alarm clock faces permanently towards the wall so I can't watch the seconds of my life drain away in its measured flashes. To me, clocks are a form of Chinese water torture.

It may also explain why I hate the regimentation of techno.

I like music which, like life, is fluid.
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Nice picture, I was there last week, and I have a similar picture (but I have to say I like yours better).
Great shot.
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This wonderful picture has been used in my News Article [link] Thank you.
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aPPlejaZZ| Photographer
Fantastic photo!
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you mean Mont St Michel, in normandy?
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That's its twin in Normandy, France. This one is near Penzance in Cornwall, UK.
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oh i had never heard of it. was it built in the medieval ages too??
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beautiful pic love your work here at DA...

CLAW :blackrose: *Lilith*

---------------------------------------- ---------------

"Death, be not proud, though some have called thee
Mighty and dreadful..."

>John Donne<
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wonderful! in a few hours I will probably have 50 clocks like things in my favorites!!
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lunaizar| Photographer
Unlike you, I have a unhealthy relationship with clocks - I like to see and hear the seconds tick away and turn into minutes and hours . Though at times I desperately wanted time to stop, even just once, I don't mind it..

Gorgeous photo, it's rather timeless[heh], I love the composition and sepia tone..You've got a great eye.
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cool shot... love how the background just stretches on, forever it seems... :P (Lick)

you know, if you wanted to argue it, time doesn't really exist. you could claim that it's just a figment of the collective human imagination to help explain and codify the world around us, so our limited perceptions and smallish brains can (attempt to) make sense of it all...

really, when you think about it, the past doesn't exist, neither does the future, except in our heads. there is only 'now'... so what are you doing now?

:p (Lick) ;) (Wink)
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This really is quite stunning ... would make a great print. *hint, hint* ;) (Wink)

So simple and calm ...

=) (Smile)
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eilidh|Professional Digital Artist
Another fantastic shot. The sea being at the background makes it look almost other-worldly....
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Oh, I am so with you on the description for this. I despise the sound of clocks ticking, especially when I'm trying to fall asleep. I used to have this night table alarm clock that ticked, and I finally had to throw the damn thing in a drawer because I couldn't deal with it anyone. The only exception is an old clock my dad used to have, looked like digital style numbers, but instead of an LCD it had these tabbed numbers - kind of like a roladex - that used to make a soft flipping noise every minute. That was comforting. I can't even stand have the little colon flash on my laptop's clock though, I can just feel the seconds being leached away from my alloted time on earth. Disbelief

coBalance Photography [link]
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Looks great!!!
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had to grab another +fav!
enso [link]
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I like your description, but I like this photo even more! I haven't yet figured out a way to get everything properly exposed (say, just for technical purposes) in a scene that has very high contrast in brightness.

normally i wouldn't keep the main subject in the center (i noticed you don't do that either for many of your portrait shots) but maybe this one would be an exception since the entirety of the clock is quite enough to make a point in this image. beautiful shot!!
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thats one insane photo..

i love it!! the lighting, composition and tone.. Woooo
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This is really lovely! the color is amazing - and the perspective you've shot at is perfect. Gives the whole image a "sun-like" feeling. Seems like one is looking for the edge of the world which goes on forever.
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This is gorgeous! So surreal! Beautiful tone and lighting. Wow!
Alison Weis, Assassin Photographer
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Everything will pass, only time will last forever
avoid opened windows
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faithwalker|Student Photographer
Great image! I love the tones and composition!
Fella look right
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This is such a beautiful photo..the colors give it such serenity, and the dial itself, a historical monument to time. You framed this to perfection! I like the textures of earth and sea...
We are all but a flicker
in the candle of time.
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the simplicity and feeling of calmness byt he water... is awesome... grea scene capture.
LOL Irie Vibes to all...
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kgcreative|Professional General Artist

You graphic artists (I include myself here sometimes) with not camera skills, or with no time to shoot for a subject should either PAY for your images, or ask for PERMISSION. I just don't think is fair to expect great photographers to simply "donate" their best work so the rest of us can just take it and use it for our own purposes without even acknowledging who it was that provided the wonderful photography, or worse yet, without paying for it.

/off soapbox.
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