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Heart of Stone
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Published: April 11, 2002
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Brompton Cemetery, London, 1991.

The figure on the right is a statue on a grave; the figure on the left is my friend Jacqui. Jacqui & I were both ardent admirers of this melancholy young man of marble and moss. This is a salvage job from an inferior (underexposed, messy background) original print shot on Ilford XP1.

One of the background textures is "Italian Decay" by The Spook.
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I really like the feel of this capture, a feeling of lose, and silultaniously (sp?) triumph. The glowing background really adds a lot. Very nice work
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Very, very beautiful - the salvage job was awesome, I must say.
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To me it's more creepy and mystical than just simply 'romantic' as many have said. The background is awesome, it makes the picture tell a story like "AND ON THAT FATEFUL DAY..." or something. I imagined that the man had accidentally looked at Medusa, while the girl had not. bla bla bla great picture, +fav
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if you have one big enough, you should seriously consider offering this on DA Prints
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eilidhProfessional Digital Artist
Beautiful imagery. As if it sprang out of a fairytale..
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rustajb Photographer
Very nice and a splendid angle. The image could be cropped tighter to the statues head to balance more with the tight cropping of the womans head. You did a splendid salvage job.
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oh my goodness, i love this!!!! :) (Smile) You have some really awesome work!!!
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beautiful expression (both the lady and the statue :D (Big Grin) ) and background. and the composition (or cropping skill) is first rate.....excellent job!!
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Oh, sorry, forgot to tell you, sorry for me late response in replying was away on work related travel. Thanks for all your support and comments all the time.
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MR, thanks for sending me this link, yes I DO love cemeteries, and this is just a wonderful glad you thought of me!! I will be in England the end of May, can't wait to take some more cemetery shots when I'm there. I'm adding this to my fav, this is so lovely, and the remix of it is unnoticeable.

This is too awesome, just beautiful.
We are all but a flicker
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kgcreativeProfessional General Artist

Nice job at saving the print, too

:) (Smile)
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very creative...excellent angle and contrast
Sometimes the simplest way is the best way...
;) (Wink)
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let me dream here of a freedom that will never be my own
if i do not pay the price of forever being alone
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This one is so magical and beautiful....... to my favs...... :) (Smile)
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oh wow.. the pose and the expression is so beauitufl in this piece.

i adore the emotion here.
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benthegod Photographer
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beautiful! loving, wistful, yet a bit cold- the tone is amazing and the statue looks real- incredible capture =) (Smile)
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scissors-handsProfessional General Artist
great piece.
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beautiful save of a shot..
...the tone works well to soften both the marble man and your friend

though, the thing which grabs my attention the most about this capture... the delicate expressions on their faces

it has that feel of lost love...
...missed chances and heartfelt regrets still wrapped in adoration...

*rambles poetic and chuckles...though honestly find this shot inspiring and alluring*
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Really lovely and darkly romantic. I like the natural look of the phoo manipulation. Hard to tell where the photo ends and the manip begins. Great piece of work!
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rank Photographer
great idea! i like the feel of it. i dont think i like the background...i bet i'd like the original shot a lot more. cool idea though... :) (Smile)
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i like this a lot, such a romantic concept. composition is great.
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