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Charz by misteriddles Charz by misteriddles
My work colleague, Charz.

She puts up with a lot, but we love her so.

I enjoyed this impromptu shoot. She was very co-operative and displayed a natural sense of drama.

Fellow shutterbugs, I need advice on how to light subjects for contrast without burning out the highlights ... or buying professional softboxes and umbreallas etc. Any DIY advice?
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freespot Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2002
What expression! The eyes, the eyes! =D (Big Grin)
cyan Featured By Owner May 17, 2002
you should be proud of the contrast you created in this photo given the available equipment you have. yeah i'd love to have a some fancy lighting equipment as well but it's not very practical for me at this moment.
bratchny Featured By Owner May 13, 2002
She? Loooks like a
But besdes that, this is a great piece, love the symmetry, and his expression seemed to show a 'I'm a tad sick of all your photographing!' :) (Smile)
I also like how it looks as if his hands are the only thing about his body
kgcreative Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2002  Professional General Artist
Advice on softer shadows...

I've used canvas stretchers with a white sheet stapled over it... (works great, about $5)... I've also used plain sheets over a window for lighting, as well as the stretched-sheet in sunlight as a difuser. Another trick is to put a piece of white translucent paper over your flash, that softens it quite a bit. If you are setting up lights, a white umrella in front of it works too, but to be honest, so far my best results have come from natural (or window lighting), with made-up soft boxes using canvas, sheets and tin-foil for reflectors...

As far as the shot goes, this is amazing and wonderful details. I really like how the composition turned out, adding a marvelous sense of drama

Thumbs Up

great piece :) (Smile)
Curiosity was framed.
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syncretism Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2002
the lighting may be harsh...
...but it creates some stunning shadow play
the expression captured on the face is enthralling...
...a little shy but mischievously playful underneath that reserve

aye, a thin opaque paper over the light sorce will soften it...or the sheet works...but watch the heat leave or it starts to smolder
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fangedfem Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2002
I love the contrast and shadows in this! hmmm......wish I could help ya out on some advice about the lighting- most of the time I work with lightboxes and such- you might try a thin fabric over your light source- just make sure it doesnt get to hot and catch fire =) (Smile) wonderful photo!
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fullyclothed Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2002  Professional Photographer
I like looking at this... it's ghost-story lighting, but this person doesn't look particularly impressed. I'm very drawn to the eyes. I like the level of contrast. The blackest of blacks and the whitest of whites and plenty of shades of grey between them. But, since you asked, it's been my experience that the closer the light source to the subject, the more contrasty the subject will turn out and the more likely you're gonna burn detail out. You can also put a translucent material over the light source to soften it, but that could be a fire hazard depending on the light and the material over it.
dark-euridice Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2002
great shoot, expresion and pose...... :) (Smile)
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mimle Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2002
great light. great shot
fat-asstronaut Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2002
the harsh lighting from the bottom makes for a great shadow capture... love the expression as well.
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daewon Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2002
I like the way the portrait works out, with the pose of the fingers and all. The lightning source is pretty cool as well, i mean the direction of the lightning source.

Can't help you on the lightning advice you want though :( (Sad)
faithwalker Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2002  Student Photographer
Great portrait! I love the dramatic lighting :) (Smile)
Fella look right
verunec Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2002
i like the pose
hilights are really too much ...overburned(?) (i dont know the right term)
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