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Autograph by misteriddles Autograph by misteriddles
Rock pools and eroded rocks at Cotton Tree Beach, Maroochydore, an hour's drive from Brisbane. The erosion here is so bad, this probably doesn't exist anymore.

It's not often I get up before dawn to take pics Sleepy

No manips apart from a gentle burn on the surf and a crop to where grit scarred the neg.
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acrophile Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2002   Photographer
This looks really cool, I wish it was bigger so I could get a better look at it! :) (Smile)
eilidh Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2002  Professional Digital Artist
How could I've missed that! It's almost epic...
rustajb Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2002   Photographer
I wouldn't have used a red filter as the dark areas would have gotten darker, and they are pretty dark already, maybe a soft yellow would have brought out a little detail in the dark regions. The composition is nice as is the contrast.
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misteriddles Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2002   Photographer
I could well have used a red filter ... it's a while ago, and alas, I don't keep notes ... I did own a deep red filter back then (and now want one again so I can experiment with infrared). However, the ripples in the pond indicate a fast-ish shutter speed, which red filters rarely allow.
kgcreative Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2002  Professional General Artist
This is most beautiful!. I love the title/autograph thing you have going. I also love the wonderful tonal range you have here. (was this shot with a #2 red filter by any chance? the tones/contrast make me think it might have)

:) (Smile)
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digiladee Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2002
You must live in a place surrounded by beauty.. you sure finded it often. You are so talented
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lightningbolt Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2002   Photographer
lol, the title, and the sig in the photo...

Nice, I like the perspective, makes it seem bigger :-) (Smile)
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fangedfem Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2002
just beautiful! I just look at it and imagine myself sitting on one of the rocks....the sound of water and smell of surf enveloping me...... Aww gorgeous capture~
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syncretism Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2002
an interesting moment in history captured...
...a lovely peaceful shot
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dark-euridice Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2002
Very nice..... it`s so calm...... :) (Smile)
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moon Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2002
lovely! I love high contrast - really dark - nature type photography. it highlights the natural tetxures and shapes of the landscape.

I'm headed to Big Sur this weekend and plan to take lots of photos - this is inspiring. :) (Smile)
mov Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2002
looks like a landscape with mountains and a river...really beautiful !
-digitalis Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2002
Beautiful. Quite sad that it possibly no longer exists.
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April 16, 2002
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