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60s Pussycat by misteriddles 60s Pussycat by misteriddles
This is my "Boo Boo Kitty" AKA "Boutros Boutros Ghali Girl".
She's a balinese (siamese with longer hair, and like a siamese she's very vocal, always demanding I spend less time on and more time cuddling her. Awwww. I adopted her from the RSPCA in 1995.

Shot on Kodak's current colour process b&w. Some minor manipping in PS6.
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redbird Featured By Owner May 1, 2002
She looks very dignified sitting there next to that lamp, the image has a lovely atmosphere with her andcomplimented by the lamp and the lighting, it works really nicely; she is a very photogenic cat :D (Big Grin) ...
kgcreative Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2002  Professional General Artist
/agrees with syncretism...

them cats always look so poised and perfect... :) (Smile)
Curiosity was framed.
Ignorance killed the cat.
fangedfem Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2002
OOoooo kitty!!!!! /me cat fanatic (have 7) =D (Big Grin) she is beautiful- looks like a statue- and she knows whats going on.....she posed for you Nod cats are smart like that~
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faithwalker Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2002  Student Photographer
Great image! I love the lighting and the lightsource. Great lamp!
Fella look right
dark-euridice Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2002
Very nice..... i love cats.... i have one al home too, her name is Antígona..... as my friends say, everything in my home have a tragic destiny...... :
Black Rose Dark Eurídice Black Rose
gottmacher Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2002
She posed just like the lamp! That's awesome!!

How'd you get your cat to do that? I can't get cats to do anything, except for act aloof.... :D (Big Grin)
syncretism Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2002
...such a pretty kitty
love her regal pose...
...compliments the lamp next to her

*believes cats pay more attention to their surrounding than one would like to think...believes cats must always attempt to look perfect while being watched*

...excellent shot
the play of light on her is excellent...
-its three am and everyone is thinking about someone else-
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quiksilver315 Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2002   Photographer
wow! great lighting and contrast! so cool...nice lamp
*insert nifty quote here*
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verunec Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2002
mmm, my girlfriend isn't balinese, she is Neapolitan but demands herself always the same thing ("hey, spend less time on DA and more time with me...")
so, i can understand.
jade Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2002
Like the pose. Interesting lighting. Looking forward to seeing more of her.
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aalf Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2002
A bit blurry but nice :) (Smile)
The cat poses well !!
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April 25, 2002
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