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60s - Dollybird by misteriddles 60s - Dollybird by misteriddles
Now for a brief change of pace.

It was love at first sight. This life-sized mannequin in the 60s display at London's Victoria and Albert Museum looked like Barbie in a Dusty wig.

It's the closest I'll ever get to feeling like that yummy David Hemmings in "Blow Up!".
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centrifuge Featured By Owner May 10, 2003
I thought it was a really well focused macro shot of a 60's Barbie at first, I love how you framed it, it looks almost as though she is moving. It is a tad bit grainy but I think that adds to this shot. Nice work!
kgcreative Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2002  Professional General Artist
Great image. Agreeing with fangedfem, it does have a mildly disturbing aurea around it.
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fangedfem Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2002
wow- thats wild! has a kinda disturbing feel to it- for me anyway =P (Razz) excellent shot~
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lightningbolt Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2002   Photographer
Very cool, I espsecially like the two light spots, and the strong light shaft on her face highlights her well for me :-) (Smile)

Oh to step back in time to the 60's...
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moon Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2002
This is my fave of the two mannequin shots! love her wig and the pose is great. Also love the lighting and shadows. Really great pic!

and ya even mentioned one of my fave movies by one of my fave directors. Blow Up is great and David Hemmings is damn yummy in that flick! :o (Eek) His wardrobe is fantastic and Vanessa Redgrave looks fabulous in that movie as well. :D (Big Grin)

I can easily see the connection!
king-pelvis Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2002
I like it as well. Never seen this hairdo before. Thought I had seen every 60s mod hairdo ever made. (My favourite is The Flip). I was actually ogling a retro manequin myself earlier this week in a store window. But this one is a lot cuter.
AngelaxCollins Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2002
I also see (..ahem..shall we say , an "undeveloped") young Lady Penelope staring back at me.....
Calling International Rescue........Rescue me from this wig..

Great Work
refrico Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2002
Hehe... sick! Like it... Nice photo...
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verunec Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2002
i like
a great part of my pleasure depends on the two light points in the background.
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April 19, 2002
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