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The Thing

By Misterho
Here is my second take of drawing "The Thing" [link]
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dots46's avatar
Like it a lot 
Cocoman68's avatar
Now that's Epic, if only they CG'd the thing in the movies to resemble that...great pic!
Gorosaurus's avatar
You did it again!  The Thing always struck me as a guy stuck in the body of a creature that's bigger than he knows how to handle.  As someone earlier said- a walking mountain.  Great!
GABaker-Author's avatar
the singlet look was a good choice, it works really well with your style (which is awesome!) Nice job.
ShadowWolf121212's avatar
Don't do steroids, kids.You'll end up like this poor man here.
ShoTheGifted's avatar
He looks like he is about to hand out ASS Whooopin lmao
Skaramine's avatar
Ben looks AWESOME!
dontstopsketching's avatar
my favorite. man...lovin the inked lines and teeny head. If you do him again, i would like to ink him.
organicSTEEL's avatar
He's HUUUUGE! Awesome man.
DSkehan2004's avatar
:wow: that's awesome!
batzman1563's avatar
He's so big!! It's crazy. I wouldn't wat to get on the bad side of this Thing.
Irichimaru's avatar
There he is! nice! by the way Giants SUCK!!!!!!!!! Your boy got sacked so many times that they will make a movie out of it. It will be an epic drama lol
Misterho's avatar
Yeah, you should know when teams suck , right "Broncos" fan. Tebow rules
MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
Awesome one of Ben here
Jose-Ramiro's avatar
Wow... he's a walking mountain!

Great job.
Misterho's avatar
well if he has to fight ,the Hulk from time to time , he better be as big.
Jose-Ramiro's avatar
FitzRoyG's avatar
I've always found it funny when I see Thing wearing more than his briefs. Tight!
Davidbatmanfan's avatar
Damn this is sick,looking real good dude!
Davidbatmanfan's avatar
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