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Captain America

I have been in an Avengers kind of mood and seeing the second trailer of Cap , It actually looks really good ,( not crazy about Thor) Captain Americas movie looks more entertaining .So I was inspired to do this quick morning piece before I go back to work. A quick sketch on paper and then finished on Photoshop.
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For some reason, the pose here reminds me of The Dark Knight Returns, when Batman is about to fight the gang leader.  IDK why...
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I'm not marvel fan boy but this sick!!!
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Awesome light effects!
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EPIC!!!! EPIC!!!!!
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waow....!! And yes I'm not a thor fan either... :D
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Really, really nice work!

By thy side,

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really good, nice cap america!!
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I was kinda meh with the idea that the Human Torch was going to play Cap, but afterseeing the trailers, I'm actually liking him more as Captain America than as the hot head playboy.

Thor looks.......promising. Not a fan of him at all ( though the actor is handsome I have to admit. :P)
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Well as long as they have a good story and good director , Justin Beiber could play Cap and it could be good ....just kiddin
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That just sounds crazy enough to work. :lightbulb:
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This is awesome!!!
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really nice Capt pic
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Thank you my friend
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Hot! Freaking awesome indeed
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Thanks , I'm hoping the movie is awesome
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Me too! I'm anticipating it. Lol I want it to be the best from all the Marvel movies
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this is f-ing good dude !
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