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Jean Grae Assassin one

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Jean Grae is a favorite of mine, and on her mixtape "Cookies or Comas" (seriously, go google it) she has a track called Assassins (It's from Pharoah Monche's album, me thinks). This is inspired by that track, and commissioned by a dude who's also a Grae fan. Perfect storm, my dudes.

Anyway, I had stupid amounts of fun with this commission!

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This is exceptionally done!
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did you see the new trailer for "Cake or Death"?
You're the man, bro! Great work!
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Yeah, she sick. On Pharoah Monch's WAR she is on one of the tracks, maybe that is the one. She collabs with great folks, Monch and Kweli come to mind. I dig her lyrics, they aren't all bravado. She digs deep and puts herself out there sometimes.

Great drawing.
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Wow - great piece!
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Awesome piece! Beautiful work!!
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Great piece! Composition and narrative; she's also amazing on Immortal Technique's The Illest.
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Thanks! She's always pretty great!

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Excellent!!! Should be a cover!
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Jean's tight, and the drawing is damn good.! When I was a college radio DJ, people were constantly requesting her music, and I became a huge fan of hers.
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Yeah, she's been around a while and has a big following but it's still mostly hard core fans that dig her ;-)
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fucking love Jean Grae! and Love this piece as well, dope work!
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Thanks, man! I love her too!
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very nice, i love how you did the legs ^.^
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Thank you! I tried to put some love into it.
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yeah i see that lol ;)
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not familiar with the rapper but this joint is tight!
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You gotta look her up! She's brilliant!
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too awesome for words!
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Jean has had a few hitman/ assasin tracks in her day. She's not only lyrically gifted, but she's a hell of a storyteller. A rare find in hip-hop these days.

I thought you were going to say this is for a cover or something. I would've had a nergasm in my pants. L O L !
MisterHardtimes's avatar never know ;-)

But, yeah. Love her story songs. She has a great one where she's in a diner full of cops after having shot a guy and she's injured. Great stuff.
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