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Ye old spank machine

By MisterEye
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Well, spanking isn't my stuff indeed, nevertheless among the things of my great-grandfather, the pirate Mr Eyeglass (...), i discovered this lovely machine...

A commission to ~lotus000, enjoy it my friend!!
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paddleaddict78's avatar
By God that shit Turns Me ON! I'd like to see this scene happen in real life! Good job yo, keep it up!
WedigeSpanker's avatar
Love this sort of stuff :)
0ccums-Razor's avatar
Amazing the stuff you can find on the Sharper Image.
WingDiamond's avatar
Hankerin' for spankerin'!
Fal-Den's avatar
Wonderful way to use technology.
Phaedeaux's avatar
Love the feel of well-spanked girlflesh, but don't want swollen hands? You need the Spank-O-Matic! A few dozen turns of the crank will get her nice and warm before you switch to bare hands.
jarvik2009's avatar
She looks so cute and she is beautifully tied. Very nice work
BrotherAntroz's avatar
Hasn't quite started yet has it? :D
doomie220's avatar
Wow! The evr so useful spank-o-matci! XD
348joey's avatar
wad she do?! D=
BrightPastelRainbows's avatar
Wow you're stuff is so amazing. I hope to lots and lots more.
mikamika10's avatar
I love your pictures!
Please can you draw a picture on two or three women who are wrapped up in duct tape from ankles to shoulders. jumping forward in a competition race?

I reallt love to se this in a picture.

F4Ucorsair's avatar
This looks like something The Engineer would have designed and built.
Snapdragonparadise's avatar
Spanking, tickling, humiliation; not my thing. Just the beauty of her bound.
rubybutt's avatar
Nice work! I love the spreaderbar, and the attention to detail on the ropes. And the fact that she's still wearing her socks! :D
taurus-comix's avatar
Great artwork! Hope she doesn't get her fingers in the way, maybe pull the ropes a bit higher... :)
SiegfriedStauffenber's avatar
Back in our grandfather's days people still made quality goods.
side-effect55's avatar
The girl looks cute and the machinne is way cool. Did you design the machine or was the design part of the commission?
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