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Kidnap Revy? Big mistake!

By MisterEye
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When Revy releases herself, the poor guy who thought he could kidnap her is going to regret to have even born
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Yeah.... someone's had a bad day.. and it isn't Revy. :)
Well done!
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Mistake? I think not. Walk up to her from the side and punch her ruthlessly hard in the gut and you'll be able to secure her legs before she can catch her breath. Considering she's gagged, you'll have more time than normal. 
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Someone's getting peppered by 9mm Parabellum rounds when she gets out of those ropes.
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Love it, boots and bondage!
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I love tough girls in distress!
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Beatifull boots Revy Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Love Love Love Love Love Love +fav 
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Love the bondage in this! :heart: Beautiful Revy in peril! :D
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Well, hope whoever did this to Revy has lived a full life...
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before the advent of his inevitable death, he should really savor this great moment to the fullest =P
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*sound of running*
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a good way to spend some hour
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this will end badly for someone...
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Wait, so if her legs are free - AH GOD MY BALLS- [passes out]
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And that will only be the start of what he will be regretting! ;)
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Wow!! amazing work!! I love her helpless situation!! 
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Sooooo ... you want to say that with this image, i'm not only brings Revy out of context as a character, but also i degrade her as a woman (and fictional character) to represent her as a sex toy for an anonimus, pervert, and also, fictional character?

You Mean, with this picture I'm damaging Revy´s reputation and her career as a skillful, wicked and ruthless pirate? ...

Cool !!
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I am sorry, but just saying she is  going to kill the man who did this to her, sarcastically saying doesn't make it dignified for her Revy is an bad ass not a bondage play toy she is a good look for men and women to see women can be just as bad ass as men can be but an others making shit like this is annoying, sorry I mean there is nothing wrong with bondage work, I love bondage an if you like to do that to women fine but do it to the characters that would most likely git in that predicament not fucking Revy.
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To the poor bastard in question: you have two options ; be there when she gets free and die; or run for your life, and die that much slower.
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Lovely! :clap: I haven't seen 'Black Lagoon" so far, but I guess it might be interesting :)
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Nice work. This show is on my to watch list. You've inspired me to get a move on.
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Nice tie for her.
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