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Random from well done

Something is in the Basement by david-sladek Something is in the Basement :icondavid-sladek:david-sladek 6,320 783 The Bloodlust - Animated by Zarory The Bloodlust - Animated :iconzarory:Zarory 229 26 Steel Echo by DanSyron Steel Echo :icondansyron:DanSyron 1,218 192 Face to Face by Valehiisi Face to Face :iconvalehiisi:Valehiisi 221 7 Shoujo by akramness Shoujo :iconakramness:akramness 228 21 Cross your Heart (ANIMATED) by ari-6 Cross your Heart (ANIMATED) :iconari-6:ari-6 421 31 How to Draw Crocodiles by arvalis How to Draw Crocodiles :iconarvalis:arvalis 3,505 132 mosquito_season by VanRipper mosquito_season :iconvanripper:VanRipper 1,791 398 *Crounch* by DaveDonut *Crounch* :icondavedonut:DaveDonut 974 80 AN 10 autumn fire by crayonmaniac AN 10 autumn fire :iconcrayonmaniac:crayonmaniac 146 104 Spirited Away by PitiYindee Spirited Away :iconpitiyindee:PitiYindee 904 112
Undertale - RE:Incarnation Animation :iconv0idless:v0idless 2,449 362
Red Riding Hood by MichelVictor Red Riding Hood :iconmichelvictor:MichelVictor 6,157 2,180 Another Animation Test by Oniika Another Animation Test :icononiika:Oniika 503 167 Purged by jameslee Purged :iconjameslee:jameslee 3,114 618 Heathers - Beautiful (Animatic) by Sangled Heathers - Beautiful (Animatic) :iconsangled:Sangled 160 5


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If you want to chat with me real fast it's a good way I think (maybe...? )
Wed Feb 13, 2019, 4:58 PM
I am trying out this thing :P
Wed Feb 13, 2019, 4:57 PM
Wed Feb 13, 2019, 4:56 PM


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MisterDuwang has started a donation pool!
4,061 / 4,000
I want to get a core membership.

But I don't think people waste their point on anything and so I am ready to take request and commission.
So if you are interested check my journal entry with the price and information.


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What do you want more of? 

14 deviants said I want more waifu!
12 deviants said I want more of BOTH
4 deviants said I want more husbando!
It was supposed to be for my 500 watchers buuuut... i am late ^w^'

550 watchers

(Don't feel hurt If I don't include you ;u; I can't just feature everyone and I am trying to give a chance to those who did not get featured before too)


Valentine frustration by vivi1616Icon by vivi1616Shadows by vivi1616
Here's Vivi~
She is and hardworking artist who shows steady progress and is always there to share a laugh. Plus, I know she has a story she wants to create and if you are just like me you will want to see it from the very start of it~


Dance party- What I look like at any party by ArtisticAzadiaRevali corrupted by the yiga by ArtisticAzadia'Is she your girlfriend ?' by ArtisticAzadia
You like Zelda? You love ZELDA!? Then you've come to the right person! :D
She makes a lot of drawings and stories about this series and as you can see; Revali is her best boy~ She is a really nice person, her art is cuteness incarnated and she is an incredibly fast artist when it comes to drawing. (I know what I am talking about ^W^' ... I've seen her working with my own two eyes OuO ) So yeah don't be shy, share some love~

Some New Clientele (Various TFs) [TRADE] Nova Satou had a unique kind of occupation. She possessed an interesting power that would enable her to transform someone into quite a bit of different things. She could turn them into animals both anthropomorphic and feral alike, and even into objects! Nova wasn't entirely sure how she got that little power, but she didn't question it! It got her money after all! She would take on clients to transform them for various lengths of time. It did drain her energy, so she couldn't do too many crazy ones so close to each other. For shorter transformation lengths, she could transform up to around eight people, while transformations that would last a few days she could do no more than three. Nova was fairly powerful, but couldn't do anything beyond that.
Her first client wouldn't be too far away from her home. This would be in the way of Michael. Michael had a simple request. He was going to be at a furry convention for the day, and he wanted to go a little "above and beyond" with hi
Bringing Balance (Multiple TF/TGs/MC) [COMMISSION]The battle between good and evil is quite the never ending one. Seemingly from the dawn of time the call of heroism and seduction of evil went hand in hand, with everyone being swayed one way or the other. Though despite both being a natural enemy to the other, one side never ever truly conquered the other. Even if it appeared evil had finally won, the hope that goodness brought found a way. The same went for evil, the drive for power giving those tainted with it motivation to push forward. That wasn't at all a coincidence.
The forces of the universe were stronger than we are led to believe. The phrase "everything happens for a reason" was much more than just a saying. In fact, it was reality. There were beings that made sure civilized life continued as the greater ones saw fit. They were ageless, and capable of traveling to any point in time. They were like guardians of the world, a never ending job. They were there since the beginning, and they will be there until the end.
Our story
Braxby's Crazy World (Various TF/TGs) [CHAR MONTH]
"Another wonderful day!" Braxby said to himself as he got up out of his bed, placing his feet into his slippers. "And a wonderful day for science." the panda commented to himself as he prepared his coffee. As he walked into his lab he whistled a tune, the pounding of his captives on their holding cells were like music to his ears. 
"Don't be so excited!" he smiled. "I'll get to work on you soon enough!" he waved them off as he entered into his chambers. "Now then, what do I want to do today..." he pondered to himself. "I could make someone into a rat? Toss them into a cage with someone I make into a snake? That would be fun to watch! But I did do that last week..." he sighed. 
Braxby wasn't always a crazed scientist torturing people for his own entertainment. He wasn't even always a man! He at one point was a rather calm woman, researching cells in hopes of breaking through with a cure for a disease or something of that caliber. She was hardworking and dedicated, and ve

So I did an art trade once with Vinomath and they are the pretty kind fellow.
They specialize in transformation stories but they keep a certain quality to it.

MMM... I realized that even thought we did two art trades I did not make a shout-out... I you know what!? Fallintsel deserves it! She is an amazing artist and her commissions (which her pretty cheap if you ask me) are open~

[Random Word Generator Prompt 1] Typical by KneverkFirst Complete Commission! [MillieDot] by Kneverk Request for MisterDuwang (Sendi) by Kneverk
I have met Kneverk when they opened their requests (they still got many to finish so don't just jump on the occasion please) and after joining their stream I can affirm that they are really nice to hang out with.
(Plus I think their art is really "soft" on the eyes)

My 3 dear followers who participated in the pre-shout-out~
There you go buddies~

Nacho Character design progress so far ! by NivexGameplays Pokemon Fanart: Nivex Gengar by NivexGameplays Birch! (Art Trade) by NivexGameplays 


Kitsune Miko by dawgs9 **Request** Scorbunny TF by dawgs9 Mew by dawgs9 


Dio Brando by KileRagan Ceasar Zeppeli by KileRagan Giorno Giovanna by KileRagan

(Kile is actually my best friend and he is a HUGE fan of jojo bizzare adventure ;) )

Special thanks

Some people who took the time to comment when I was feeling pretty down. Really, thank you. I did not answer at the time because I was not sure of what to say but I appreciated. I hope you are all feeling alright and only wish you the best.…
So here you go ^^ 

Mabel and Waddles by MrromeijnShy Gal... Shy guy looks different... by MrromeijnPool party??? by Mrromeijn


Calmly by nientje10Barhopping (commission) by nientje10 werewolf hinata by nientje10
(I actually had the chance to talk a bit with nientje10 and she is one of the nicest person I have ever met online.)


Theme Park Fun by Tenchi8Hometown Visit  by Tenchi8Quantum Merc by Tenchi8


Referance Vinn.  01 W,I,P, by floreloyxShade finished ish by floreloyxHorse Leather by floreloyx

Well that's it ^w^
This should bot be the last journal of this kind but I think that I have featured.

Thank you everyone for being there for me I greatly appreciate it.
Being online and reaching this point would not mean even near as much without you.

Cya later everyone and keep being awesome!


Hello everyone

I won't be their much as long as I haven't found a stage and finished all of my college projects

So yeah... ^^'

See you all soon buddies!

Shoot me some COSPLAY IDEAS for my girl Sendi in the comment and I might draw them :D ~

(No limit)

(reference here in case you are wondering which character it is:…)
Hello everyone :D

I am working on many things right now; 
-References sheets
-( and more :P )

But anyway, I wanted to know if you ever have seen someone with a drawing style similar (not necessarily identical) to mine :3

So yeah if you happen to have just drop a link down bellow (there is no bad answer) :D
Ask My Ocs OPEN #2

Just comment down bellow a question you would want one of my OCs to answer and which one :3
One of my favorite anime scene of all time
Hey if I was to do a small comic based of this pictures  Dance party - girlz's night by MisterDuwang

What should the plot be about and would you be interested in reading it? 

Hey buddies!

Comment down bellow which of my characters you would want to see in a dance party!

(I will draw this one this weekend~)
Oh and you can choose their dresses and costumes too as long as it stay classy~
Suggest please~ 5 places open :D
  1. Amuse-bouche:
    -#1 Open-
  2. Soup:
    - Noodle soup with Nova
    -#2 Open-
  3. Hors d'oeuvres:
    -#3 Open-
  4. Salad:
    - Lettuce girl KileRagan 
  5. Main course: 3 dishes:
    - Vladimir as a poutine melichatmangart 
    -O-Bakeru Spaghetti NiGHTcapD 
    -#4 Open-
  6. Dessert:
    -#5 Open-
  7. Beverage:
    - Slime-girl as an alcoholized drink DeadEMOBaXStabber666 
List of the girls you can choose from:
Sugar queen
Hanami Tenma
Goblin Girl

That's all folks thank you for your collaboration.
You love food? You love cute girls?
Why not mix the two~

Suggest one of my OCs to be turn into food (you can suggest the food too)

I will choose my favorite :D
Suggest 3 poses and 3 oufits for Nova~

This is for her ref sheet:
I need 1 underwear/swimsuit one, 1 casual, 1 Other(go wild)

YOU can propose a small situation or ask a question to her too~
Hey vote for a fusion between two of my characters :3 and I'll draw my favorite suggestion
Raffle OPEN until October 30

Vote for an animated interaction between these two characters and get a chance to WIN A FREE LINE-ART REQUEST:
O-Bakeru by MisterDuwang Cute Nova Encounter - Am I lying by MisterDuwang
ps: They hate each other, Nova tries to make this monster pass for her little sister and stop her from doing harm. ^u^

It almost looks like everyone loves it :3

Chose a character of mine to wear it :D

(excepted Gritt (goblin girl) and Jeanne already used for another suggestion poll)
Vote for a CLOTHES SWAP!!!
Please :P

You can select any of my characters (any characters wearing clothes)
Hello everyone! :D

Today I am feeling like shit but I suppose no one will know excepted the 4 or 5 who really read what I am writing.

So other than that, after trying my best to do something I can be proud of or at least something that would make you happy but I am not getting any reactions from most of people even my watchers.

I tried to publish more often, to put more efforts into it, I tried to reach people by streaming and by accepting the request they were so glad to make.

I was  planning on drawing a celebration to thank my 100 watchers and so I opened a vote so that you could tell me what you would like to see in it. Yet so far, only 3 person voted. You can still vote if you care...

I am now wondering if the amount of care and effort I am putting into this really is worth it...  :)

Anyway, maybe it is because of me... maybe I am not talking to others enough or maybe it is because I am not liking the boots of people by telling them that everything they do without exception is amazing. (The people who favorites EVERYTHING without giving a look at it seem to be more popular after all ) Or maybe it is because I am trying to be honest by watching only the people I want to see grow as an artist, persons who makes things I really love. (Watching everyone just to get a sub back seems to be quite successful) Or maybe it is because I am not answering to every comment of the people who only want free request of things . (It looks like drawing NSFW brings the masses). Or maybe it is because I can't reach the interest of people with drawings things I like. (Maybe distasteful fast produced fan art and fetishes really is the only way to get popular on deviantart)

I don't know... I don't feel right lately. I hope you still have a great time though. ^u^

Please just tell me something. No matter what I do it doesn't seem to be enough.
Do I really just suck at it? ^u^ Do I just don't matter? :D

Thank you again for the one who are always there on deviantart! :D
(Surely those happy emoticon will convey the real happiness I am feeling right now :| (Blank Stare))

See you later! Ene (Smile) [V7] 


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