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My minions, due to recent examinations, I've come to the conclusion that my job is really boring and it totally holds me back keeps me from improving as an artist. By that decree, I've decided to switch to part time, which in results gives me more free time to do other fun stuff, like play video ga— I mean work on movies! :nod:

So I'm gonna try to focus on that, since everybody knows my talent is of the ages. :chew:

I did a tumblr earlier today. Mostly that thing's for commission stuff, but I've decided to use it as a blog to post updates/screens/whatnot of upcoming animations. I guess I could that stuff on my DA too, but I don't wanna stain my beautiful gallery with sloppy looking WIP and whathaveyou when I can just keep it all assorted and html-ready in a convenient blog. :)

So from now on, I'll probably post all that movie update stuff on there and save myself the trouble of making a billion journal entries on a site that nobody uses anymore. (That's right DA. You're old news.)
You can check it out here:
I'll update the page every now and then whenever there's development ;)

Happy holidays guys~
    Stay frosty! :snowflake:

Well, it's finally up! Here you go!

Hope you enjoyed it! ;D ;D

Flash version is available at Newgrounds and at DeviantArt.
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Hey guys ;D ;D
Guess who's off work??

That's right! ;) Tomorrow starts my vacation , I'm free to spend my time doing useless unproductive things like; play videogames, dance naked in my apartment, get a sun tan, etc. However, I'm not gonna do any of that stuff, because I feel it's been waaaaay too long since I submitted something viral worthy! And since pony animators these days can't seem to produce anything but mediocre animation with mediocre humor, it's about time a professional animator (like that cool guy Dave Davey, for example) came around with new, fresh and fun animation to inspire pony animators all over the internetz! :nod:

So instead of being a ginormous dead weight all summer, starting tomorrow, I'm gonna make a cool pony animation, (Try and stop me Hasbro lawyers!) dedicated to all the good people of the internetz who needs a smile in their life!

I'll have it done and ready for you in the upcoming weeks, but feel free to nag and bother me about it, should I decide to spend my time doing something less oppressive :O

Hoopla! :chew:

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Salutations, friends! Your hero has returned!
How has life been without me? :chew:

Bitter and depressing I presume. :)

Well, you can turn that frown upside-down, cause I'm back! ;) That's right!
Tell your family and friends that, that cool guy MisterDavey's back from his insanely long and expensive vacation!
Back to once again bring joy and happiness (such is his purpose in life) to the people of the internet! :meow:

I'll try to get some stuff up this week, so try to keep your pants on ;D ;D

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Hey, guys! How you doing??
Great, great. But enough about you!

Me and my friends are taking a 90-days vacation, and we're going globetrotting!

This means, sadly for you guys, that there won't be anymore arts & animations for a while.
(Not that I'm one who submits frequently, lol)

So, I hoped you guys liked my latest flash! Sorry, if it wasn't a masterpiece, I just wanted to do something quick before I leave, so I'd have some fun comments to read on mah trip! :meow:

For those who read my previous journal, here are some updates on that awesome movie I told you I was working on:
      *It's about 15 minutes long *It's superb in every aspect *It's most possibly a movie that will go down in history for it's greatness *It might bring world peace

So, there! Now I've hyped it up so much, that if I fail to deliver.. Pitchforks and torches will be in my future. (However, I'm pretty confident in my skill, so I'm not very worried) B)

I was originally planning to spend my vacation finishing this movie, acutally (Because, it's gonna be glorious). But, then I realized I'm rich, handsome and haven't been to Uruguay.
So, yeah!

Have a good one guys!
See you when I see you ;D

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Today is my birthday! That means I'm one year older, one year smarter and one year closer to death ;D

I had cake today and amazing stuff happend! (Probably won't bother writing about it, since I doubt anybody reads my amazing journals anyways :/ )

But, enough about my stupid spectacular birthday! Where are my new movies already??
Well, I am working on some stuff, don't ya worry! ;D  (yes, mlp related)

Currently I'm working on this awesome 'billon views' movie, that PROBABLY is going to be the best cartoon ever created by an independent animator. But I don't wanna hype it up. B)

As soon as I get a little more time off work, I'll finish that right away (fo sho'), but don't expect it tomorrow, I work like 6 days a week.
Oh, and it's not a music video this time around! It's an amazing movie featuring your favorite pony.

Look forward to it! ;D;D


(Also, thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday)
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So now finally I'm back from my 7 weeks vaction (that's right I got mula ;D ) and now it's back to the drawing board! :3

I'm gonna try to submit a few drawings this week to get myself back in the game

Cheers! ;D
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I'm going on vacation!

See you in a few weeks! ;D

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I'm Dave and I've finally made an deviantArt account.

Time to get famous! ~~
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