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Sadness of loss (Personal thoughts)
Sadness. Sadness is something that grinds you down until you welcome it to feel anything at all. It takes what is most precious to you and makes you pick up the pieces and watches you try to save or rebuild that which you’ve lost all just to extinguish it all again. It feeds in hatred, pity, greed and our shortcomings in life, making us feel inadequate and unworthy of anything we receive. Sometimes it is too much to bear and drives us to a tragic end. You cannot ever have true sadness until you have seen someone you brought into this world, watched grow, and gave happiness taken away from you. Nothing can match the eventual loss of hope. The gleam leaves your eyes as you hold them for the last time before they leave you forever. You wipe away their tears and hold them closer than you have ever before, hoping by some miracle you’ll keep their soul here just for a few more moments. You listen to their sweet voice tell you not to be sad, even though this doesn’t help. Th
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House Petrovna Crest Version 2
(First of all this isn’t mine.)
Art that I really enjoy and since I am somewhat mediocre when it come to drawing I wanted to include it.
The Absolution of House Petrovna -Chapter 1 Part 2
Damage reports flood my command throne’s cogitator as a Medicae pads away a dried patch of blood near my right temple. Antelia and Sebilia, my Cruisers, suffered the least amount of damages with no fatalities reported save a few servitors. Antelia’s forward lance prow was bent downward sharply and thus any ramming operations in battle would be greatly hindered. Sebilia was miraculously unharmed, however many of the crew were reporting mild warp sickness. Not a major concern since almost three quarters of the men and women aboard were fresh out of basic operations training. I made the sign of the Aquila and sent a communicae for every crew member, no matter their station was to be allowed one hour to offer gratitude to the God Emperor once we made port, as they had surely been blessed by His Mercy.
Ramparts of Light faired worse than most. Half of its onboard machine spirits had fled during the cataclysmic hull failure. Large sections of the ship were ripped away from the main vessel, looking very similar lacerations on a wounded Grox. My own vessel towed the wounded ship behind us. Being an ancient battle cruiser I reclaimed on one of my first inter-system voyages it had no issue dragging her. Virtuous Pursuit itself had survived a temporary Gellar-field collapse and several hundred men from the lower decks were missing. This didn’t bode well as we could not travel through the warp so long as it remain offline. Finally the Viator Magnum reported a crew loss of thirty percent and thus trailed behind the group near the SDF patrol boat.
I’d still not been given a full picture of the situation I’d been dropped into, however, the silver lining was that there was a substantial enough imperial presence to send out and maintain system patrols. Elitza had retired to her personal quarters with a warm smile some hours ago.  And the night crew had rotated in. Although to be honest ever since our abrupt exit all crewmen had been on station so I supposed it would be more accurate to say that the day crew had finally succumbed to exhaustion. While scanning through the incoming reports I made note to keep close eyes on an augur readings, yet so far there had only been a few clusters of asteroids.
A few more hours passed and I had finally had enough silence. I order communications to been established with the lead SDF vessel. A hazy face came into view on the screen directly in front of me. The face was marked with wounds, both old and relatively new near his augmented eye glass. Thick sideburns reached down to connect to a well manicured mustache. His hair was beginning to grey near the roots.
“This is Captain Dismas. What seems to be the issue Sir Petrovna?”
While I was quite tempted to say ask where in the warp we were headed I decided that such a remark would only end in another trite response.
“What is our destination Captain? I am unfamiliar with this section of the imperium.”
“That would be Port Narva.”
“How long till we dock at this Port...Narva.”
“Approximately three to seven standard hours.”
“That’s quite the margin of error is it not?” The commodore spoke out from behind me. “Are your chronometers damaged? If so we could use our own to-“
“Apologies...” the Captain paused to identify his rank. “Commodore. I did not mean to bring about doubt. The machinations of the warp are very fickle here and thus can distort distance and time. We can only offer up our best estimates based on previous voyages.”
I plant my index finger on my temple in attempts to understand, only to recoil slightly in pain as I’d forgotten about my injury.
“So our arrival is based upon....a guess.”
“Simply put, yes.”
I glanced humorously at the commodore, as he responded in kind. I rasped out a hearty laugh as I turned back to the monitor.
“Very well Captain. I will trust your judgement for now as this is a realm unknown to me. However, should you require any aid yourself in the way of provisions or crew rotations I will happily provide them.”
The man seemed taken aback for a moment before softly returning to composure.
“Something the matter, Captain?”
“Not a thing Sir Petrovna. I have just rarely found one of your status that maintain their humility. Usually all men with enough power succumb to Pride.”
This makes me smile. “True enough, my Faith in both the Emperor and my crew have served me well. To take credit for their labors would prove unjust. Even so, I do have pride. However, it is in them, Not myself.”
The Captain nods. “Dismas Out.” The monitor clicks off again.
“An interesting fellow. I didn’t detect any discontent in his voice as he seems amicable enough. What’s your take Commodore?”
“Hmm? I wouldn’t know myself my Lord. Not very good at reading people. That’s more your department isn’t it?”
“Indeed it is.”

A few uneventful hours passed by until I finally relinquished the command throne to commodore Preslav. I Vox the guards I had assigned to Elitza and they report she is still asleep. That same tinge of pride makes its way across my face again.
“It seems my worry for her was misplaced. Many would have had a difficult time recovering from such an experience, but my daughter is made of sterner stuff. I will bring you both some provisions from the mess hall for humoring an aging man.”
Of course both men vox back that I am the pristine picture of health but I am no fool. Rejuvenant treatment certainly make you appear younger and elongate natural human lifespan but they do not take away the weight of undeserved years placed upon my soul. The Emperor has seen fit to keep me going despite the many times He could have let me fall, and so I persist. Two men speeding pass me break my little philosophical venture.
“Something the matter voidsmen” I ask quickening my pace to match theirs. “Sire!” They bow their heads apologetically “We are going check on a situation below decks. Seems the cog boys have something to complain about with the engiseers.”
I nod my head and grin.
“See that they don’t break our ship.”
“Yes my liege!” They say as my pace slows then stops.
I let out a sigh as I notice I missed the mess hall.
“Well I certainly am getting my exercise today” I mumble quietly before making my way back.

“Two salted grox buns and a ration of Prodka each.” The cook eyes me suspiciously as I do not frequent myself to the mess unless we are under immediate threat. It’s a quick jaunt, or sprint depending on the circumstances, to the bridge and the food doesn’t take to long to prepare. I assure him I’m simply making good on a promise to the men I’d assigned to Elitza and he shows visible relief. As soon as I got to the guarded door of my daughter's chambers a flurry of Vox chatter screamed in my ear. No rest for the faithful.
The Absolution of House Petrovna -Chapter 1 Part 1
I relinquish the captain of the command throne and thumb through various updates upon my personal cogitator as the crew mills about triple check systems while cogboys make some inane tunings to system all around the command deck as the smell of incense envelops my nose. The Armorcrys showed me a view of the ever-expansive void along with my own ships and smile. Two Tyrant class cruisers I’d personally overseen the salvage of to my left along with the Dictator class cruiser Ramparts of Light, a gift from a fellow from another House upon the confirmation of my family’s Warrant of Trade. A complete wreck of a vessel when it came to me it now glinted magnificently in the faint starlight. Then finally was my personal pride made manifest. To the direct right of the Virtuous Pursuit, dwarfing everything around it was the Universe-class super heavy transport Viator Magnum, its holds filled with everything necessary for planet reclamation. These were my ships. “Time to bring Glory to the Emperor by claiming Him a new world.” The Warp shutters slowly descends as a droning alarm blared. I made the sign of the Aquila. My daughter Elitza was nervous. This would be her first warp jump. I remember my own initial venture between what should and should not exist. The sickening twist in your gut as reality contorts to suit humanity’s ever present need to move between the stars. Creaks and groaning metal are some of the most common sounds a voidsman can hear each and every time. These sounds do not bring fear or dread but in fact a sense of relief. For if you couldn’t hear them something was definitely wrong. Hull breaches that sucked away the precious life sustaining systems, a Chrono-desist were time was non existent for an inordinate amount of time, trapping crews within the immaterium for decades or even centuries. Boundless terrors came with warp travel, yet it was a necessity to keep the imperium functional. A metallic countdown jolted me back from thinking on the ills of space travel and I made the sign of the Aquila, as I had always done praying for safe passage to our destination. The familiar, brief wave of nausea  came over us all and I held back a glimmer of pride to see Elitza unfazed by the transition.

Thirteen standard days had passed since our departure and I was busying myself in my study working through a mound of paperwork. Planetary resettlement demands quite a bit of signatures and ceremonial commitment and so my hand had just about had enough of me. I stood up massaging away the aching pain that seemed to shoot through my hand with the slightest movement and looked down at the simply framed picture that always sat at the right hind side of my desk. It was of Myself, my Wife Teodora and my little Elitza. I lit a lho stick and puffed till the orange glow steadied. One of the few
Pleasures I’d retained after taking my station. I never drank while on ship, clods the mind when important decisions need to be made. No vixens either. My wife is all I ever need in my life, not to mention she tendency to become visibly jealous whenever I speak to anyone of the feminine mystique. Here blonde hair and green eyes were shared with our daughter, while I like to think her mind and stubbornness was my contribution. I continue this train of remembrance until the lho stick becomes naught but a smoldering stub.
As I go to dispose of the stick all of the illuminates in my study flicker then go out completely. Now the embers are my only source of light in my dark room. Somebody, somewhere screams out “Beneficent Emperor No!”
Abruptly my face hit the floor due to the ship rocking violently. Bending and creaking metal is heard from every direction. For a moment I heard screaming that was not uttered from any human throat. Teeth of every size and sharpness flickered in and out of existence as colors unnamed by man filtered their way through my eyes without truly existing. Eyes, so many eyes. Then I am forcibly slid across the carpeted floor slamming into an opulent glass cabinet making a terrible shattering sound. Awake from a nightmare from a slumber I never consented to. I heard all sorts of noises from beyond my room’s plasteel door. Manic laughter, the ionizing shot of lasbolts, crewman barker orders and the whimpers of my trusted men brought low by fear and doubt. Immediately I leapt to an internal ship communicae and broadcasted through the shipboard announcement system. “Compose yourselves!” I hear several clicks of iron heeled boots snap to attention and the sporadic las fire ceased. “Naught what you saw was real. Simply tricks one’s mind plays on itself when the Gellar Fields of any vessel ripple to violently. Remember your faith and recover your senses. Now is not the time to bring shame upon our House. The Emperor Protects is all.”
My personal Guard bypassed my door and entered ready to engage, notably relieved to see, save of some bruises and scraps, me unharmed. Then came my own wash of relief. Elitza was right there amongst my  Tverna House Guard. I rushed to her and carefully made sure she was no worse than I before talking to Colonel Yunkov. I could tell his expression was one of distress and apprehension, even from behind his armored face plate. I had taken special care to recreate the knightly helms of my home world, Sigil. The gas mask tubing snaked from his chin to the filtration pack.
“Make for the Bridge.”

Voidsmen and Tech Adepts were in a frenzy on the command bridge. Sparks flew from repair teams and malignant machine spirits alike. Commodore Preslav had a makeshift bandage tied around his forehead, yet this failed to stem the bleeding entirely as he wiped away a crimson stream causing his hair and skin around his temple to be smeared and ragged. “My liege.” There was a slight weakness to his voice, but nothing too serious by the looks of it. It appears all vessels have reentered the Materium with...minimal damages.” As if to accentuate this understatement one of the wounded cried out in pain as a medicae broke his arm back into place and began to sling it.
“Well that is of some comfort.” I said bring my hand up to wipe away the sweat on my brow. “What caused all this.” I nervously looked towards the navigatorum. “Unknown at this time My lord. We are still unsure of where we see....the stars.” He pointed to the monitor showing the aft of the ship. “By the Emperor. What am I looking at?”
The doors to the Navigation quarters opened with a hydraulic hiss. “We’re frakked for the unforeseeable future Ganev.” With a mixture of relief and annoyance I turned to see the Madame completely unharmed.
“Care to explain any further Krista? So those of us without you blessing of sight can understand that is.”
A bit of flattery never hurt when trying to deal with those of the Navis Nobilite.
“We are trapped within what I can only describe as a bubble within the warp.”
I saw the commodore look as though he were about to wretch. Either from that ill prospect or the blood loss.
“What caused us to be tossed into this anomaly?”
“A Warp Surge, something I have not felt ever before. It seemed as though half the imperium was torn away.”
The crew within earshot seemed to freeze in place at the hear of this news.
“Augur returns Incoming! Multiple Vessels of unknown class and type closing on our location!”
“All Crew to Battle-stations! Ready long range Macro Cannons.”
A crackle of static came over the Vox followed by an ear shattering whine.
I looked to the nearest adept and pointed to him.
“Clean up that broadcast at once”
“By the will of the Omnissiah my Liege.”
“Hold Fire until Communication I established. I’ve know very few belligerent who like to chat before a fight.”
A tense few minutes passed before the Vox clicked back to life with a clearer message.
“Come in Imperial Vessels, this is System Defense Patrol Fleet Auriga. State your situation and we shall offer assistance.”
Even I was left slack jawed at this message. An SDF force was stationed here? Or perhaps they too were thrown he by the uncaring tides of the Warp? What is going on?
“Receiving Imperial identification Hymnals my Liege, they are ancient but appear authentic to a degree.”
I ponder whether or not to order defensive action, but this would seem to only end poorly.
“This is Rogue Trade Ganev Serebryakov Petrovna, Patriarch of House Petrovna from the Sigil system. Our intentions were to recolonized the abandoned Desolaterra system by Order of the Administratum. We have suffered minor damages and casualties from sudden warp ejection and would gladly accept assistance.”
“Confirmed, are any number of your vessels disabled and in need of tow?”
I looked cautiously at Preslav and he nodded no.
“No, all ships are operable at this time.”
“Understood follow us in directly, do not veer off the course we have provided and return to port Kyfan. I have sanctioned two of my escort ships to act as scout craft to your aft and forward. The Emperor Protects.”
“Indeed he does.”


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