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Another art nouveau try, this time I focused more on the expression. And of course, tiny little details. There are a few hidden "easter eggs." I wonder if you can find them.
I tried to make Celestia seem like I've always seen her - tired and lonely, but still kind and understanding.

For more art nouveau ponies, see my previous picture, Laurel.

The reference picture is of course "Zodiac" by Alphonse Mucha.

The ponies in the frame are from my previous work, Stained Glass - Elements of Harmony.

Any comment is of course appreciated, as always.
I'm still amazed by the fact that the more time I spend on a picture, the less people actually like it.
But then again, I make art nouveau ponies. I should be amazed that there are some people who actually like something this obscure.

Time taken: 7 hours - 4 for the background, 3 for Celestia
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