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The Hallway

By MisterAibo
Okay, I somewhat vectorised the Canterlot castle hallway. I didn't have the energy to make the third stained glass window. Already spent hours on this. I did take a few liberties with the overall design.
Look for Easter eggs.

EDIT: I fixed a mistake in the left stained glass window.
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Holy mackerel, that's a lot of beautiful detail! O_o 
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I used it for this Land of the Giants Artwork…
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I'm not a fan of the maçonic eye in the left glass panel or the fact that the two princess spin around an chaotic entity that is actually under redemption contract.
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I actually don't mind either - the first one is a cine detail and the second one is simply outdated.
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I used your background again in my comic!
Thanks again for making this!
FaL-LaN-Storm's avatar
you wouldnt happen too have vectors for touse flags would you?
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I think they are in #MLP-SVG-Resources gallery somewhere.
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I used your background in my comic! :)
Thanks for making a beautiful background!
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Used your background :P [link] Thanks!
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And it's hilarious! :D
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thank you for letting me use this background [link]
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Wow this is beautiful. ^^ Btw I used this, hope it's OK. I can remove it if ya want.


It was the only one I could find from inside the castle.
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Oh... kay... too much pony tits for my liking, but suit yourself.
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