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I simply adore art nouveau - especially Alphonse Mucha. The precision, focus on geometry, detail and repetition... It always astonished me. It might even be one of the reasons I enjoy vector art so much. Anyway, I always wanted to do something in the same style, but since I can't draw people... well. Ponies it is.

The original picture is called "Laurel" and is one of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen.

Funny fact: there used to be Fluttershy in the middle, but she just wouldn't go with the colour scheme. So I made an OC for this sole picture, called Laurel. I know, I'm a bit repetitive... but then again, I haven't slept for forty hours.

This took a lot of effort and time and I would love to hear any critique and/or opinion about it. As well as your opinions on Mucha and art nouveau in general.
Also, should I make more in the future?

Time taken: 8 hours - 6 for the background, 2 for the pony.

The picture is naturally best viewed in the original size.
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The detail on this piece is exquise.