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Princess Celestia hates tea - page 7


Adapted from the wonderful fanfiction by Jeffrey C. Wells, A.K.A Skywriter (with his permission).

"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" is property of Hasbro ©
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Off with his head! Off with his head!

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WOW, is it really that big a deal!?
Well, everyone is convinced that Celestia loves tea ... and then she has been drinking it for thousands of years, in people's minds why would she do that if she does not like it?
Oooooohohohoho! I like where this is going!
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...and let the madness begin.
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....this, does /not/ look good.
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Yeah because tea has apparently become her identity, that's like saying applepie is Soarin's identity, oh  wait, bad example.
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Priceless, thanks a million
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Ask me why can't i hit twilight with a bat sometime. Like seriously she freaks out like crazy. All i can offer is a stress ball 
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Perfectly logical conclusion.
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Okay, so Twilight literally couldn't comprehend the thought of Celestia not liking tea. So, she basically said: "Celestia couldn't have said she didn't like tea! Celestia loves tea! If  this pony doesn't like tea then she can't be Celestia, so..."
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Yean, it's a pretty good recap.
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Well, shi:iconcensoredplz:t hit the fan. Now let's sit back, eat some snacks and enjoy the fireworks.
and i thought Twilight will never move again ^^
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This can only end in my laughter.
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O . O Does this guy WANT to go to the moon???
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I remember reading this fanfiction awhile back... Good read it was, delightfully funny and Tia somehow managed to feel... in character despite Twilight being the tiniest tiny bit OOC.

So to see a comic adaption of it is wonderful. I wish you the best of luck, and I hope to see more of it soon!
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You're right, Twilight is somewhat OOC, but why exactly? I can't put my finger on it... maybe it's related to the harsh way she talks to her friends in the fanfic. It seems a bit off. I could tone it down a little in the adaptation.

And thank you for the compliment!
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Honestly, this is the part where the story started to lose me.  It became TOO over-the-top.

And frankly, the guard would likely have broken his hoof on Celestia's jaw.

I mean, come on, these were the same guards who got their flanks handed to them by bug ponies whom the Mane 6 were tearing apart by the hundreds before they were simply overwhelmed.
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One of the weaknesses of this story, perhaps, is that I did not telegraph more clearly from the very beginning the fact that it's an escalation farce rather than a serious fanfic.

--the original author, using a reeealy reeealy old DA account
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Escalation farces work best when the 'exaggerations' made don't sound serious at any point.  Once the characters appear to be taking it seriously, the audience will as well.  And that quashes the comedic intent.
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