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Princess Celestia hates tea - page 25

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Adapted from the wonderful fanfiction by Jeffrey C. Wells, A.K.A Skywriter (with his permission).

"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" is property of Hasbro ©

To be clear, the Minister of Culture's name is Poetry Slam. In the fanfic, I know he's supposed to be a beatnik. I considered giving him the stereotypical beatnik look, with a striped shirt and a beret. But I just preferred to make him like above, I don't really know why!
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"except my minister of culture's thing, which I don't understand at all."

I know, right?

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Twilight... you had one job
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Hey Minister of Culture, the 80's called they want their personality back.
Mister-Saugrenu's avatar
Since he's supposed to be a beatnik, you may even say the 50's, but since the 80's were all about the 1950's nostalgia...
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You know by definition Twilight has no say in government so she should keep  yap shut.
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Id like to know who these different ministries are
Mister-Saugrenu's avatar
Let's say that the bearded stallion is the Minister of Foreign Affairs, while the unicorn on the right is the Minister of Economy.
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What about the minister in the far bottom left?
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I am fairly certain that is the Minister of Defense. Also, really liking this comic so far and I am amazed at how many pages you have done! ^_^
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Funny how my mind works, I thought that was the Minister of Death, but something about the uniform didn't fit the title. 
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Un-princesslike? Oh, come on. They were so thick they wouldn't listen. You did what was right, Sun Butt.

Compromising the bedrock of Equestrian society? Just because you don't like tea? If liking tea is that important in Equestrian society, then you should consider abdication and moving in another country. Seriously, what the buck, equestrians? Making such a fuss about Sun Butt not liking tea? Why so daft, lads and lassies?

You don't understand it? You ... don't understand what your Minister of Culture just said? Oh, for crying out loud!
I've been sleeping just 4 hours for the 7th night in a row, and I've understood it on the first read.

How come you, a fully-rested, sane, ultre-wise, cultured, educated, and intelligent immortal goddess-princess magician can not understand it? :-P

Besides, Culture Stallion, why should it be such a problem? Let Sunny Bum not drink tea, and you keep drinking it. There. Problem solved.

By the way, the two older ministers, what ministries are they in charge of?
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Okay, so you have been reading, though I almost suspect you've been reading backwards.

Either that, or I think you're underestimating just how long Celestia has kept up this facade. Tea isn't some new fad, it's been a staple beverage, almost a symbol, of Equestrian society. Not cake, not apple cider, the sun, but tea. In this world, when someone thinks of tea, they think of Equestria. Why? Because it's the favorite drink of Princess Celestia, a godlike being who has existed for, at minimum, 2000 years.

Think about the sociological consequences. Hundreds of generations of ponies have lived and died believing without a shadow of a doubt, it's been constantly imprinted on the minds of ponies across the country. Tea is drank in pretty much every corner of Equestria. It can be drank at any meal, it's served at any party rich enough to ban the likes of Pinkie Pie, and ponies have made their fortunes growing, selling, and transporting the stuff, and it's been like this forever. It's a constant, and anchor to which ponies can always take comfort in.

Or, at least, it was.

As to why the ministers can't just accept her decision to not drink tea anymore, they already explained it. Now that the princess doesn't like tea, neither does the vast majority of tea consumers, so no one is buying tea anymore, even foreigners (more like for-NEIGH-ers, *ba* *dum* *TSH!*), so an integral part of Equestrian trade and economics has just been doomed, hence the oncoming economic crisis.

But you're right, this whole ordeal is preposterously silly. Celestia lying for thousands of years about tea, Twilight flipping out over it, Celestia flipping out even harder, of course it's silly. I know it, you know it, and the author knows you know it. We also have the advantage of being an impartial observer of the events, a luxury that none of the other characters are fortunate enough to possess.
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"(more like for-NEIGH-ers, *ba* *dum* *TSH!*)"

X-D Nice one.

I like the way you presented the situation about how tea has been a symbol in Equestrian society even before the sun and the moon were used on the national flag. It sounds professional. Very "professor in political sciences".
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Well, it's pretty much the main point that the story hinges on. Obviously if no one cared whether or not Celestia liked tea (like they should) then everything would be fine, but everyone DOES care, and that's where the problem lies.

I am flattered, though I am no politics student. I'm an engineer (in training)
Mister-Saugrenu's avatar
I should copy/paste your comment above in the description of each of my pages, it would be a good explanation, considering the number for people commenting that tea is not such a big deal.
Zalleus's avatar
Go for it. I'd be honored.
PyramidHead90's avatar
...un-groovy?  No, the only one with "Groovy" privileges are Bruce Campbell and people imitating him.  I demand that minister have a chainsaw shoved up his ass.
Desgar's avatar
You have a point, and this too: :iconfreeinternetplz:
Zalleus's avatar
I have to ask, how accurate is the Minister of Culture to the original fanfiction? Was he actually written that way, or did you take creative liberties to make him ten times more awesome?
Mister-Saugrenu's avatar
maybe the answer to your question is in the image description... :) I didn't change most of his lines, anyway.
Zalleus's avatar
Oh, I thought I read the description. Guess I missed that. He is friggin' sweet.
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What's that ? A 'Civilization 2' council ? :3
The ''Elvis'' guy was always cheerful, in ALL of my games. Ever. ... ... ...Except once.
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