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Princess Celestia hates tea - page 2


Adapted from the wonderful fanfiction by Jeffrey C. Wells, A.K.A Skywriter (with his permission).

Thanks to :icon90sigma: for providing the model of Celestia in a sitting position.

"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" is property of Hasbro ©

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I knew it! Celestia is a coffee pony!

kacript's avatar
I barking hate tea, is this supposed to be a nod to her voice actor voice the dog Zoe in Littlest pet shop?
Mister-Saugrenu's avatar
Er... I don't know. As far as I'm concerned, it just a cute expression to replace the F*** word. You have to ask the original author about this.
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usually people use the word buck or bucking 
Maybe it's a nod to Infinite Loops. Celestia hates people swearing her name, so she gets Twilight to swear trees instead. It makes sense in context.
WonderboltfanRainbow's avatar
So... that is why Twili wanted to do a faceplant... to get Celly her tea! (Ep Green isn't your color MLP FiM)
Centaur71's avatar
Right; I'm sure that plant just ADORES tea...
kacript's avatar
Well, on the bright side at least you have something to keep your plant fertilized.
MLPGemblossom's avatar
Um....Miss(Mrs?)Cozy Is flying in the 2nd panel
kacript's avatar
Least she didn't lash out to that old lady.
MuffinPonyPinkiePie's avatar
Well at least she polite enough to dump it when she left
MountainLygon's avatar
Somewhere Iroh sits in utter shock.  This notion is inconceivable to him.
PyramidHead90's avatar
What?  That someone as rock stupid as Celestia has ruled for centuries without destroying her country a dozen times over?  I'm sure he'd be able to process it once he learns a little about the writing staff.
MountainLygon's avatar
No, that anyone can have such a strong dislike for tea.
Princesslunamoon77's avatar
Ok I've seen princess celestia drink. Tea before in season 1 episode 22 but why would she poor it out
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After a 1000 years or more of drinking it when I'd like something stronger after a stressful day of royal duties, I'd start to hate tea, too.
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SnowflakeThePony337's avatar
I was just confused...
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*has a huge grin on her face* Ooooh this is  gonna be good!
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