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Princess Celestia hates tea - page 15


Adapted from the wonderful fanfiction by Jeffrey C. Wells, A.K.A Skywriter (with his permission).

"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" is property of Hasbro ©

One half of Canterlot street background is by me, the other half is by BonesWolbach:

Speaking of Canterlot, I always wondered about its city structure - or more precisely, the position of the castle compared to the city below. The show doesn't appear to be consistent regarding of this matter. In several wide shots, we can see a huge gap below the castle, with waterfalls running down several hundreds feet lower (at least). But in other scenes, when the characters look from the castle's windows, they see Canterlot (like in "A Canterlot Wedding"), or even a hedge maze (in "The elements of harmony"). So, where is the plane surface where the city is built on? Is it magic? Is it in another dimension you can only perceive from a specific angle? It's confusing.
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Hey what happened to the Hellfire and Armageddon?

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She said what she wanted to.

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I don't think oops is gonna cut this...
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Aaaaand here are randomly generated ponies, only $1.99/e
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shouldn't Lyra and Colgate be in Ponyville?
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I don't know: in the show, they appear as background ponies in Canterlot as well.

In my headcanon, Lyra is often seen in Canterlot because her parents live there
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And your canon turned out to be right.

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-LY!! ....well, /that/ sure escalated quickly.
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You're sure good at making comments separated in several pages. :)

Anyway, you may go on! I wuv comments.
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"Next on PMZ! Celestia, a kind hearted ruler who brings the suns, but doesn't like tea!?! Find out next on PMZ!"
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The face of perfect pace is killing me Haha
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Could You Make More I'm Dying Of Laughing
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I like this Violet mare. :-)
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What's Lyra doing over there? 
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In my headcanon, Lyra lives in Ponyville but her family lives in Canterlot. That's why you can see her at both places very often.
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Ironic how it was kinda the opposite in the show. Said she lives in Canterlot, and constantly visits Bon-Bon.

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