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sChIzO 1: Will You Just Shutup

EDIT: I made it darker |D

I was originally going to ask if you guys wanted me to post this yet or not...but I decided against that cause I have to go to work soon...and I really want to see opinions.

This is really just the first strip. It's uninteresting and I did it as an art project. Just wanted to post this up as a teaser.
Things to remember:
They won't all be in color!
The others won't be up for AWHILE.
So please don't ask me why it's taking so long with the next ones.

So yeah, not much to say on this aside from what I've already said. It's not that good. Just...shows what kinda stuff Ruby goes through on a daily basis. Next one's probably going to be at the doctor's XD ;

Ruby, other related characters and sChIzO (c) me :iconmrsaturn123:

EDIT: I may rescan this and darken it. Realized it's pretty light.

NEXT: [link]
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Love this comic just as much as IF I
Mister-Saturn's avatar
thankyou ;;
i'm glad you like them
EskeWolf406's avatar
Ha! I knew that he isn't real! Hey.. I recognize this! I think I read some page around here :p cool colors and shadings :-)
Mister-Saturn's avatar
Thankyou thankyou UVU
EskeWolf406's avatar
You are welcome welcome welcome.... :3
NintendoSegaSonyGuy's avatar
Where is this taking place? My first thought was always school or college, or something. But it's outside. Outside the loony bin where Donald is in captivity?
Mister-Saturn's avatar
Oh it's just in a average sized town in New Hampshire.
NintendoSegaSonyGuy's avatar
That's not what I meant. I meant within just this strip. But yes, that answers another question, then. lol
Mister-Saturn's avatar
Well yeah same answer then XD This is just downtown.
theforgottenliar's avatar
I am now officially a fan of yours :D
Mister-Saturn's avatar
Oh awesome owo
I'm glad to hear it! I hope I can continue to entertain with my work
Chrismilesprower's avatar
LOL this is funny and interesting. I already like the charater.
Mister-Saturn's avatar
Oh awesome thanks XD
She's a lot of fun to write for I can say that much
rinthehuman's avatar
Facial expressions awesome!
And the coloring texture's nice =)
Mister-Saturn's avatar
rinthehuman's avatar
You're welcome!! =)
NimaDoodleZ's avatar
I really enjoy the facial expressions here xD :heart:

Reminds me of how Vaporotem used to draw faces way back in like '04 or whenever that was omg.
Mister-Saturn's avatar
Thanks XDD
I always have the most fun with the expressions.

Oh geeze, she's got quite the style XD
NimaDoodleZ's avatar
Same here!!! :'DDD I practically live for expressions. They always stick out to me <3

And yus. So do you! :3c
Mister-Saturn's avatar
Loads of fun xD

Hehe thankyou XD
I'm glad you like it :>
Tonythunder's avatar
:XD: that looks pretty funny! =D
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