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Keith is not Impressed

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Yep, it's 1 in the morning before school and I'm up doodling. I finally got some motivation and I wanted to draw more...but alas I can't stay up. What luck eh? Tomorrow my muse'll likely be gone or something D|

Either way, a quick doodle. Figured I'd need something to post up. I've been reading Twokinds almost non-stop today. Great webcomic. The beginning was a bit rocky with the art and the story-telling aspects but it's gotten much better.

This is my favorite character, Keith, who's clearly not impressed : D. But he's almost never happy throughout the whole comic so...yeah XD ;

Keith and Twokinds (c) :icontwokinds:
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Keith is my fav too. and i agree to it's rocky start but now it legend. :meow:

and i very nearly never found it
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Keith is the man.
Yeah though it at first but yeah.
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keith is my favourite character. this is a nice pic! captured his pafec perfectly.
Mister-Saturn's avatar
Keith's the man. I think he's a lot of people's favorite XD ;
Thanks : D
cynderclawshadow98's avatar
yeah. keiths the majority favourite. im not surprised either, i mean, he is COMPLETELY AWESOME!!!! :3 your welcome by the way. lolziez
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Thas' right. He's probably the most developed character too which helps.
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wow this fanart iz pretty great
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Looks like he's been flirted with, Now who would do that?~
Mister-Saturn's avatar
Could be XD ;
In his case, not many would XD ;;
CookietheRabbit's avatar
Dawww, I'm sure that n-.....Your probably right.
Though from his expression it's a Guy!
Mister-Saturn's avatar
Hehe, knowing his luck.
CookietheRabbit's avatar
I'm not sure if it's a good or bad thing for him though.
Mister-Saturn's avatar
Well considering he's straight... XD ;
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OR IS HE!? [Dramatic Music, TO BE Inserted]
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That and his lack of a shirt make it
kinda hard to determine his current
situation :XD:
Mister-Saturn's avatar
True that. Knowing Keith it's likely extremely awkward XD ;
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Glad your outta that rut. I'm still dragging myself outta it though -.-'
Mister-Saturn's avatar
Hehe...well that's also only for the moment. I've actually woken up in a good mood so I'm going to go draw shortly >w>
I hope you can get out of yours soon :<
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he's naked... :D
Mister-Saturn's avatar
Pff, well who's to say? He COULD just be shirtless |D
Either way...if you read the comic you'd find this would be pretty normal. He ends up in these weird situations often XD ;
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