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Blacklight active jellyfish

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This is a jellyfish tattoo I did on another artist here at The Fall, the tattoo is completely non-visible in regular light. When a blacklight is around though it glows this radiating blue
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Very, very cool.
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Don't you worry these pigments might have long-term effect (since we don't use them for tatto since very long)? That's the reason "sworn" tatto artists aren't allowed to perform these in my country... =(
Anyway, great tatto (and sorry for poor english)
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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😃😃😃😃😃😃
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...white pigment, hmm? I'm tired of reg tattoo color and I'm totally down with this, perfect. I'm ready for a new one. How well does it tattoo, any touch-ups needed?
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no white pigments because it's not visible without blacklight
I want this tatoo!!
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AMAZING!!!! I want a blacklight tat now! Just brilliant!
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wonderful tattoo/art work and a very lovely idea:)
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Cool. is it much harder to work with that ink?
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that is sick! so cool!
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What is the Name of this type of blacklight ink?
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this is fantastic! approximately how much can cost a tattoo like this?
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Well, approximately. Where a regular black tattoo can cost $60 a blacklight tattoo can cost $100 to $120.
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That is awesome. I want a jellyfish for my next tattoo, have to find a killer design like this first.
I just want to look at it again and again. Double woah!
Doesnt the tattoo atract extra UV radiation because of the pigments associated with the tattoo? Read somewhere that this actually increases risk of skin cancer. I dont really care cause its a great tattoo. Top work
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Haha I've heard some really crazy things from people, the pigment is more then safe, attracts no more radiation then anything you would ever be exposed to normally:)
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