EVA Babies, Episode 2

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Literature Text

The Beast, or Unfamiliar Ceiling

TOKYO-3 - Surface

Two giants, one green and one violet, stare one another down.

EVA-01 - Entry Plug

Little Shinji looks tense.

MISATO (Radio): "It's okay, Shinji. You can do this."

Shinji sucks his lips in and bites down on them.

TOKYO-3 - Surface

Restraints on the shoulder pylons disengage.

The rear gantry disengages and retracts. EVA-01 staggers forward slightly.

NERV - Command Center

Ritsuko is standing next to Ibuki.

RITSUKO: "Shinji, just think about walking now."

EVA-01 - Entry Plug

Shinji looks confused.

SHINJI: "Wock-a?"

Misato replies in a playful tone.

MISATO: "That's right! Walking! You know, how you move one foot and then the other and just keep going? Can you imagine doing that?"

Shinji knits his eyebrows, thinking about the instructions. Misato seemed to be just a little more helpful.

TOKYO-3 - Surface

EVA-01 slowly advances a step forward, starting with the right foot.

The right foot lands and slowly rises back up.

NERV - Command Center

The main screen shows EVA-01 moving toward the Angel.

RITSUKO: "It's walking!"

Misato claps enthusiastically for Shinji.

MISATO: "Yay! Shinji!"

TOKYO-3 - Surface

EVA-01 frozen in walking position.

EVA-01 - Entry Plug

SHINJI (MONO): "Walk!"

TOKYO-3 - Surface

The EVA tries to come forward, shifting her weight to the right.

As she advances her left leg, she loses her balance and pitches forward.

EVA-01 falls flat on the road.

EVA-01 - Entry Plug

Shinji is thrust forward, but isn't ejected from his seat.

SHINJI: "Aaaahh!"

MISATO (Radio): "Shinji! Are you okay?"

Shinji sees Sachiel approaching EVA-01.

Shinji has a face of sheer terror! Tears begin swelling up.

NERV - Command Center

Main screen: Sachiel grabs the head of the EVA and he lifts her up, above the surrounding. EVA-01 is like a marionette whose strings were cut; Sachiel moves like a crane, machine-like.

Shinji cries over the radio.

TOKYO-3 - Surface

The Angel's hand seizes the EVA's left arm and lifts it completely up!

Sachiel's arms become thicker as he pulls on the hand.

EVA-01 - Entry Plug

Shinji grabs his right arm. He's squealing in pain.

MISATO (Radio): "Calm down, Shinji! That's not your real arm!

NERV - Command Center

Shinji is still crying over the radio.

Ritsuko is looking at Ibuki's computer. She speaks in a raised voice.

RITSUKO: "What's happened to the EVA's defense network?"

IBUKI: "Signal's not working!"

HYUGA (Off): "AT Field not deploying!"

RITSUKO: "It can't be!"

The loud crack of snapping wires directs Ritsuko's attention back to the main screen.

TOKYO-3 - Surface

EVA-01 endures Sachiel's pulling for a little while longer.

Sachiel lifts EVA-01 even higher. When his arm is fully extended, his elbow also extends and glows pink!

EVA-01 - Entry Plug

Shinji suddenly stops crying when he sees a pinkish-purple light coming from the Angel's palm.

MISATO (Radio): "Shinji! Quick, shake loose!"

TOKYO-3 - Surface

Sachiel begins pummeling EVA-01's head with its laser spear! It does this repeatedly.

EVA-01 - Entry Plug

Shinji resumes his bawling.

NERV - Command Center

IBUKI: "A crack's forming at the the front of the EVA's cranium!"

RITSUKO: "That armor won't last much longer."

Main screen: Sachiel's spear penetrates EVA-01's head. She flies backwards into buildings.

MISATO: "No! Shinji!" 

TOKYO-3 - Surface

Sachiel retracts his spear.  EVA-01 crashes into a building, shoulders-first, and hangs her head.

Geysers of blood erupts from both openings the Angel had created.

NERV - Command Center

Display: "EMERGENCY".

AOBA (Off): "Head damaged! Extent unknown!"

Ritsuko is more calm than the frantic Ibuki.

RITSUKO: "Block the circuit!"

Display: the control nerves are disconnected bit by bit.

IBUKI (Off): "We can't! The signal's being rejected!"

Misato leans over Hyuga's shoulder.

MISATO: "What about Shinji?"

Display: Graph flowing downwards. All reactions are extinguished.

HYUGA (Off): "Radio and other receivers are offline! We can't tell if he's alive or dead!"

Display: Waves on syncrograph flow sideways.

IBUKI (Off): "Syncrograph reversing! Pulses are flowing backwards!"

MISATO: "We need to abort the operation! We need to save the baby! Force-eject the plug!"

Ibuki turns to Misato.

IBUKI: "It won't work! The EVA's completely out of control!"

MISATO: "No..."

From his station, Gendo watches the seemingly one-sided show. Hands are folded, no emotion on his face.

TOKYO-3 - Surface

EVA-01 is slumped against the building, her right eye smashed in.

Suddenly, her left eye lights up!

The jaw of the EVA splits open, creating a mouth.

NERV - Command Center

Misato, Ritsuko, and the three techs watch the main screen.

RITSUKO: "EVA-01 has reactivated!"

IBUKI: "But how? It shouldn't be able to move!"

Misato is at a loss for words, save one:

MISATO: "Impossible."

RITSUKO: "It's running wild!"

TOKYO-3 - Surface

EVA-01 roars at the sky.

She squats, then jumps.

She rolls in the air and lands on Sachiel's torso. She tries to tear off the Angel's face, but gets knocked off.

EVA-01 recovers and lands on her feet.

NERV - Command Center

Gendo and Fuyutsuki watch the fight. Gendo's tone suggests that he was waiting for the EVA to go ballistic.

GENDO: "I believe we've won."

TOKYO-3 - Surface

EVA-01 sprints toward the Angel, but is blocked by a wall of light!

NERV - Command Center

RITSUKO: "An AT Field!"

MISATO: "No good. As long as it's up..."

RITSUKO: "...the Angel can't be hurt."

TOKYO-3 - Surface

EVA-01 backs off a bit. As she swings up her left arm, the damage is fixed. She clinches her fist.

She shoves both hands into the violent interference of the AT Field and rips it apart like a package.

NERV - Command Center

Graph closeup: curves are overlapping one another.

IBUKI (OFF): "EVA-01 is also expanding an AT Field! It's neutralizing the phase space!"

Ritsuko side profile, in complete disbelief.

RITSUKO: "No. It's eroding it!"

TOKYO-3 - Surface

EVA-01 busts through Sachiel's AT Field as if it were made of tinfoil.

Sachiel does one of his eye blasts on the EVA. It generates a cross, this time parallel to the ground.

EVA-01 survives. The force made her bend backward, but she lurches forward into a stoop.

EVA-01 proceeds to pound the Angel in its new face repeatedly. The Angel's scarlet blood begins covering its opponent.

EVA-01 grabs Sachiel's arms and kicks him in the gut. The Angel goes falling backwards.

EVA-01 rushes after Sachiel, plowing horn-first into the Angel.

With Sachiel on the ground, EVA-01 punches the Angel's core over and over again.

She grabs two of the Angel's ribs and yanks them off. Casting one aside, she stabs the core with the one in her free hand over and over again.

Sachiel's eyes glow bright yellow. He melts into a sticky goo and covers the head of EVA-01.

NERV - Command Center

All personnel watches the climax of the fight. Misato leans forward, covered in sweat.

MISATO: "It's going to self-destruct!"

EVA-01 - Entry Plug

The baby is still crying his eyes out, unaware of the bright light shining into the plug.

TOKYO-3 - Surface

A bright green fireball expands from EVA-01's head. It forms the Third Angel's final light-cross, which lights up the night sky and reflects on nearby Lake Ashinoko.

NERV - Command Center

The entire room is bathed in white light from the main screen.

The staff watches as the brightness dies down, all holding their collective breath.

Main screen: whiteness subsides, a raging inferno is shown. Out of the fire comes the shape of EVA-01.

Every person in the room is silent with terror. Yet one person is smiling: Gendo Ikari.

Main screen: EVA-01 walking away from the flames.

AOBA (Off): "Circuits reconnected."

IBUKI (Off): "Graphs normal. Systems recovering."

HYUGA (Off): "Life-signs detected. The pilot's still alive!"

EVA-01 - Entry Plug

The plug's interior is pitch-black... but the lights turn back on.

Shinji, now curled up into a ball, is still sobbing, though not as violently. He doesn't even recall the latter parts of the battle.

RITSUKO (Radio): "Get a recovery unit to the EVA cage, ASAP!"

MISATO (Radio): "That pilot's safety is top priority!"

TOKYO-3 - Surface

EVA-01's damaged helmet falls off and lands at her feet.

EVA-01 - Entry Plug

Shinji looks out the right side of the plug.

Reflected on the side of the building is the unmasked EVA-01. It can be describe as whale mixed with a xenomorph. The right eye in particular is heavily damaged, due to Sachiel.

Shinji looks at the EVA's reflection with sheer horror/

The EVA regenerates her damaged eye fairly quickly: round and green. It catches the baby inside of her.


HOSPITAL - Shinji's Room

Shinji is lying in a hospital bed. His eyes snap open.

The baby sits up. He looks around; he doesn't know where he is or how he got there.

He lays back down and stares at the ceiling.

SHINJI (Mono): "I've never seen this ceiling before."

TOKYO-3 - Surface

It is the day after EVA-01's maiden battle. A tent has been pitched in the center of the crater generated by Sachiel's explosion. Underground plating has been exposed by the blast. Special vehicles surround the crater.

The sound of a helicopter is heard in the distance.

Nearby, the damaged helmet of EVA-01 is picked up by a crane and is being moved onto a trailer.


Gendo is seated at the foot of a table, perfectly blending in with the black room. His station, though, glows white.

Five other people fade up, each with a different-colored station: green for the American representative, yellow for the French, red for the British, and blue for the Russian. Another white station, at the head of the table, is among them. Seated here is Keel Lorenz, leader of this cabal, known as Seele. Long ago, they were called the Illuminati, but changed their name to something which could roll off the tongue easier.

Lorenz is an older man, who wears a green uniform and some kind of visor over his eyes, looking for all the world like an elderly version of Cyclops.

US Rep.: "It is exactly like it was five years ago."

UK Rep.: "We could say it was fortunate, in the sense that our prior investments were not a waste."

The Russian Seele member does not have an accent, but rather is an impression of Burgess Meredith as the Penguin.

RUSSIAN Rep.: "You can't be sure about that yet. If it doesn't pay off, it's a waste all the same." 

"Indeed. Now our anti-Angel measures are common knowledge, Nerv must control the information about them in a speedy and prudent manner."

GENDO: "Rest assured, we're already taking care of that."

TOKYO-3 - Surface

Under the tent at the crater, Misato cycles through various channels covering the "official" story of the Sachiel incident.

The space around the TV is cluttered with Styrofoam cups bearing the Nerv logo. A Coke bottle is displayed prominently.

CHANNEL 1: "...was staged. A production for a preschool-level science fiction series..."

Misato changes the channel.

CHANNEL 2: "It would sound like something out of a monster movie, but would you believe it was for a kiddie show?"

She changes it again.

CHANNEL 6: "...cooperation by UN forces in Japan for the making of a new series aimed at..."

She changes it again.

CHANNEL 8: "...the incident in the Kanagawa Prefecture was completely under control. The monster was..."

Misato fans herself. She and other staff are in radiation suits, but as no radioactivity has been found, the helmets are off.

MISATO: "So we're keeping them in the dark again?"

IBUKI (Background, on the phone): "There's been no radiation detected at the epicenter."

RITSUKO: "The PR guys seem happy to be doing something."

MISATO: "We're being pretty casual about it."

IBUKI: "The only Angel samples we were able to collect were stuck to the EVA."

RITSUKO: "I don't know about that. I think everyone's actually scared."

Sweat drips down Misato's cheeks and neck.

IBUKI: "Right. Its just like the model: 99.9% of it appears to have dissolved."

MISATO: "Of course we are."


The six men of the committee remain in their positions.

Gendo has his hands tented and obscuring his mouth.

GENDO: "So the idea is to use the EVAs to fight the Angels, under the front that we're making a Super Robot show aimed at preschoolers? Hard to believe."

LORENZ: "We have enough resources to convince swaths of people that Abraham Lincoln didn't exist. This is nothing."

US Rep.: "Speaking of which, Ikari, isn't there a better way to utilize Nerv and EVA?"

FRENCH Rep.: "He's right. The repairs to EVA-00 and now EVA-01 are enough to bankrupt a small country."

UK Rep.: "We understand that you gave that toy to your son, did you not?"

RUSSIAN Rep.: "Manpower, time, and money. How much of the show's budget will be consumed by you and your son before you are satisfied?"

GENDO (MONO): "Wow. It's as if putting an untrained two-year-old inside of an EVA was a stupid idea!"

FRENCH Rep.: "This, however, is your primary responsibility."

On everyone's tabletops, the cover of a document appears. The cover reads:

Top Secret
Human Instrumentality Project
International Alliance Supreme Executive Council
17th Interim Report
Human Instrumentality Committee
20XX Business Plan Outline

FRENCH Rep.: "It's the Human Instrumentality Project."

UK Rep.: "Under such circumstances, HIP is our only hope. HIP can only succeed if Project EVA is a success."

LORENZ: "In any case, we cannot excuse any delays in that project's schedule due to the reappearance of the Angels. We will consider the issue regarding the budget. Project EVA will premiere Friday morning at 10:30 on TXN."

US Rep.: "Now, the rest of this meeting only concerns the committee."

UK Rep.: "Your participation was much obliged, Mr. Ikari."

The four Seele councilmen vanish along with the lights of their stations. Lorenz and Gendo are all that's left.

LORENZ: "There is no turning back now, Ikari."

Lorenz fades out like the others. Gendo is all alone now.

GENDO: "The human species has run out of time."

HOSPITAL - Corridor

Shinji puts his little hand on the window. He is in awe of the view.

He is being held by a nurse and is wearing a patient's gown.

Shinji's attention is grabbed by the sound of swing doors opening.

A hospital bed is pushed down the hall. Rei is in it.

SHINJI: "Baby?"

Little Rei gazes at Shinji without a hint of emotion.

The bed gets further and further away.

NURSE: "She's really hurt, but the doctors will take care of her."

Shinji frowns and knits his eye brows. Who IS she?

HIGHWAY - Trailer (Ext.)

A trailer is carrying away EVA-01's damaged helmet, covered by a tarp.

HIGHWAY - Trailer (Int.)

(RADIO: "The Chain", covered by Shark Island.)

Misato and Ritsuko are out of their radiation suits, but while the latter is back in her typical lab coat, Misato has ditched her shirt and is driving around in a navy-blue bra.

Ritsuko holds a cordless receiver phone up to her ear. She has a laptop on her lap.

MISATO: "Air conditioning has just got to be humanity's greatest treasure. It's a real triumph of science."

Ritsuko hangs the phone up.

RITSUKO: "The baby has recovered consciousness."

Misato's face turns serious.

The trailer slows down as it reaches a yellow light.

MISATO: "How is he?"

RITSUKO: "His memory's fuzzy, but there's been no visible injuries."

Misato leans forward, a bit tense.

MISATO: "Can't be nerve contamination..."

RITSUKO: "There's no need to panic."

Misato, relieved, reclines back in her seat.

MISATO: "Must have had a mess of a day."

Ritsuko speaks lightly.

RITSUKO: "Not really a surprise. His cranial nerves took a lot of damage."

Misato side-glances at Ritsuko.

MISATO: "I think you mean his heart."

HOSPITAL - Solarium

Shinji is sitting with the nurse assigned to watch him. He is looking at his left-wrist, the one which felt like Sachiel was ripping off alongside EVA-01's.

Misato, now with her shirt back on, enters the room.

The baby and nurse notice her.

HOSPITAL - Corridor

Misato walks Shinji down to the elevators. She presses the "DOWN" button.

After a few seconds, a ding. The elevator door in front of them slides open to reveal...

SHINJI: "Daddy!"

Shinji wraps his arms around Gendo's legs. Gendo glances down.

Shinji looks up at his father, smiling for a moment, but sees that Gendo isn't happy to see him.

Gendo picks Shinji up by his armpits, hands him to Misato, and goes back inside the elevator.

The doors close.

Shinji looks confused as to why his father went away and wasn't happy to see him.

The concerned look on Misato's face signifies that she knows how Gendo feels about the baby.

NERV - Ritsuko's Office

Ritsuko is pouring coffee into a mug. A phone rings, she answers it.

RITSUKO: "Akagi."

She widens her eyes momentarily, as if she heard something surprising.

RITSUKO: "What did you say!?"

STRONGHOLD - Observation Room

It is a room which makes the hospital's solarium look pitiful: rows of chairs and a huge window giving a broad view of the GeoFront. The Nerv pyramid is clearly visible from here.

Misato is seated in a chair, talking on her cellphone. Nearby, Shinji, now back in his normal clothes, has both hands on the window, looking out at the GeoFront.

MISATO: "I told you: Shinji's going to live with me. I already got clearance from the brass... and don't worry, I wouldn't stoop so low as to mack on a baby!"

Misato flinches when Ritsuko screams at her over the phone.

RITSUKO (Off - Phone): "Of course you're not! How could you even think of something like that? You have no shame at all!"

Misato holds the phone away from her face as Ritsuko continues screaming.

MISATO: "She never could take a joke."


The store radio is playing early-Sixties pop.

Misato has a buggy loaded with: instant ramen, two brands of beer (BOA and Yebisu), UCC coffee, Doritos, Slim Jims, a Lean Cuisine, a bag of Pampers, and a pacifier. The brand-name products are prominently displayed for product placement.

Naturally, Shinji is in the seat of the buggy as Misato pushes it to the cash register.

Shinji overhears a conversation between two women, but doesn't follow.

WOMAN A: "Can you believe that Tokyo-3's going to be used as a filming location for a show about fighting giant monsters?"

WOMAN B: "Even still, I wish they'd keep all those fireworks under control. You could hear the explosions from Singapore!"

WOMAN A: "The city's a fortress anyway. As long as we stick to the shelters, we're fine."

The two women pass by Misato and Shinji.

WOMAN B: "They could have just used scale models!"

WOMAN A: "Apparently, they didn't think that was realistic enough.

WOMAN B: "I am so moving."

Misato listens to the conversation and muses.


Misato's car pulls up and parks on the ridge of a mountain. It has mounted binoculars you pay money to look through. Down below is the old city of Hakone, now the surface level of Tokyo-3, heavily damaged by Sachiel. The sun is going down.

Carrying Shinji on her shoulders, Misato glances at her watch. It is almost 7:30 PM.

MISATO: "It's almost time."

A moment later, a siren blares and echoes across the valley. The booming chorus of lock bolts opening join in.

From out of large, square hatches, similar to those EVA-01 had risen out of, highrise buildings emerge; none other than the upside-down city hanging from the roof of the GeoFront! 

Shinji opens his mouth in awe.

The highrises continue to grow, their mirror-like sides, reflect their environs. One seems obscures the sun.

Once all the buildings have gone up, another thundering collection of clangs occur. This is the sound of the lock bolts locking the buildings into place. Amid the echoing bangs, the lights of the city flicker on.

MISATO: "Tokyo-3 is an anti-Angel stronghold -- our city!"

She congratulates Shinji, but not in a babyish tone.

MISATO: "More importantly, you saved it all by yourself."

COMFORT 17 - Ext.

The parking lot of the apartment complex is lit softly. The building is about eleven stories high and on the bus line.

On an outdoor walkway, Misato carries the last bag of her groceries to her door, while carrying the baby in one arm.

MISATO: "Your stuff should be here, Shinji."

She sets it and Shinji down and pulls a card key out of her wallet. She swipes it through the reader.

She turns down and faces the baby.

MISATO: "To tell you the truth, I just moved in to this condo as well. It may be a just little messy."

Misato opens the door.

COMFORT 17 - Misato's Condo - Kitchen

She turns on the light, revealing... the textbook definition of a dump: a pile of loaded trash bags, open cardboard boxes, and crumpled-up Yebisu cans are a common sight.

A table loaded with nothing but bottles of booze is in a corner: Jack Daniels, Rolling Rock, Bacardi, Absolut, Crown Royal, and Jim Beam, among others. The amount of fluid in the bottles vary, and some have yet to be opened. Mitchell would LOVE this place.

The kitchen table is festooned with booze bottles and dirty dishes!

Shinji has never seen such a mess.

Misato enters the living room (also messy, but not as bad as the kitchen) and makes for her bedroom. Before going in, she puts on a perky face and says:

MISATO: "I'll be back in a second! Don't go anywhere! ~ ♥"

Shinji looks around the disaster that is Misato's kitchen. He notices a large, silver freezer with a small door big enough for him to pass through. 

SHINJI: "Shiny box!"

The door is swung open by something inside.

COMFORT 17 - Misato's Condo - Misato's Room

A fluorescent light shines down on the bedroom. A good amount of clutter is around Misato's tatami mat: a few car magazines, a box of Kleenexes, etc. 

Misato is changing into different clothes: already in a loose t-shirt, but hasn't gotten any pants to cover her underwear.

Shinji comes running to her, screaming. He wraps his arms around her legs.

SHINJI: "Monster! Monster!"

COMFORT 17 - Misato's Condo - Kitchen

Shinji and Misato peek inside the kitchen.

Shinji's "monster" is in the kitchen, crossing the room. Its left claw is gripping a wash rag, a bowl under its right wing, and it has a metallic backpack. It proceeds to open a door.

MISATO: "Aw, that's just Pen Pen! Isn't he cute? He's called a hot spring penguin."

Shinji follows the bird from a distance.

COMFORT 17 - Misato's Condo - Bathroom

Shinji peeks inside.

Pen Pen is sitting in Misato's bathtub, filled with water, just relaxing. He has folded his "towel" up and placed on his head.

Misato notices something: she gave Shinji a bowl of instant ramen... and he's just staring at it.

Pen Pen turns around and faces Shinji. 

Shinji, feeling intimidated, sticks his thumb in his mouth.

After a second of watching his "intruder", the bird turns his back on the baby.

COMFORT 17 - Misato's Condo - Kitchen

Misato opens her refrigerator.

MISATO: "Let's cook. Let me find you something to..."

The only food in the fridge are yakitori and cheese. The only drinks in there are Kirin, Yebisu, and Budweiser. A little round bottle of lemon juice is in there as well.

MISATO: "...drink." (MONO) "I think we have problem."

NERV - EVA-00 Cage

A gold-orange Evangelion, EVA-00, is incapacitated. A cross-like stop-signal plug has been jammed into the back of her neck. She is fixed in a pose where she is punching the wall.

Her lower body is frozen in hyperbakelite, topped with a layer of "water".

NERV - EVA-00 Control Room

The room is totally trashed: windows shattered and warped and ceiling panels knocked loose. Ritsuko and Gendo are inside, looking out the broken windows at EVA-00.

RITSUKO: "How was Rei today? Captain Katsuragi said you went to the hospital."

GENDO: "She can work again in twenty days. By then, we will be able to take EVA-00 out of cryo."

RITSUKO: "It must be so hard on those kids."

GENDO: "Only a baby can make the EVAs move. As long as they live, this is what they'll do."

RITSUKO: "With no regard to their welfare?"

Gendo says nothing. He just stares out at the frozen EVA, ignoring Ritsuko's protest.

COMFORT 17 - Misato's Condo - Kitchen

The junk on the kitchen table hasn't been cleaned off, just shoved aside, for Misato's (and Shinji's) supper.

Misato guzzles down an entire can of Yebisu in a single go!

MISATO: "YEEEEE-HAW! Life just doesn't get better than this!"

She notices Shinji looking at his bowl of ramen. He has a baby bottle with water in it behind his plate.

MISATO: "Aren't you going to eat?"

Then it dawns on her: Shinji's a baby.

MISATO: "Oh. I forgot!"

She moves over to the baby and starts feeding him his ramen. Shinji is sitting on a phone book atop an unopened cardboard box.

COMFORT 17 - Misato's Condo - Misato's Bedroom

After a while, Misato has gone to sleep and is allowing the baby to sleep with her. She's out cold, snoring.

Shinji is staring up at Misato's ceiling.

SHINJI (MONO): "I've never seen this ceiling before, either."


Continuing. All hail Misato's abysmal housekeeping and lacking childcare skills!

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