EVA Babies, Episode 1

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Literature Text

Pilot, or Angel Attack


The late-morning sunshine glows brightly on the red water. A line of tanks are parked on a cliff overlooking flooded ruins, turrets aimed out toward the crimson sea, waiting on something. No sound aside from the ever-present screech of cicadas. Some destroyers navigate between the mostly-sunken buildings in the water.

Suddenly, a huge column of tainted seawater blasts out from amid the ruins.

In the habitable parts of the town, a warning is read over a loudspeaker.

Male Announcer: "As of 12:30 today, a special state of emergency has been declared for the Kanto and Chubu regions surrounding the Tokai district. All residents must evacuate to their designated shelters immediately. Repeat..."

Cars had been left abandoned, trains stopped at their terminals, and not a soul was seen anywhere.

Yet in the ghost town, a lone car drove through the empty streets: a modified 1981 Alpine Renault A310. Its driver, a young woman named MITSATO KATSURAGI, eyes the GPS to her side.

GPS: “In two miles, bear left on Nelson Avenue.”

To her side was a red cardboard folder with a polaroid of a little boy with dark-brown hair, wearing a preschool uniform and a yellow hardhat. The photo is labelled "SHINJI IKARI".

TOKYO-3 - Daycare - Playground

The playground was empty: nobody swinging, see-saw dormant, only sand in the sandbox. In a huff to evacuate, the preschool staff forgot Shinji. Yet for some reason, the baby was content with his situation. He sits on the ground and thinks back.


OLD TOKYO - Daycare - Interior

The place standard daycare: cutesy animals painted on the walls in bright colors, tables for the children, toys, a diaper-changing station for the kids who don't know how to use a toilet yet, etc. Kids stream inside. Shinji is among them, and he has a photo taped to his shirt.

Their teacher (MS. WAKABA), a bespectacled young lady in a sailor suit, sees the photo when Shinji enters and takes it off his shirt. It is a 
pretty suggestive picture of Misato, given to her by Shinji's aunt and uncle. Misato is leaning forward in the photo, winking and giving a peace sign while wearing a tank top and Daisy Dukes. A handwritten note was scribbled in the margins: 

"TO MS. WAKABA: I will be picking up Shinji a little before 1:00 today on behalf of Mr. Rokubungi. MISATO.
It also included an arrow pointing to her cleavage: "Check this out!"

Wakaba was perplexed by the mere existence of the image.

WAKABA: "Um, Shinji?"

The toddler stared at his teacher when she called his name.

WAKABA: "You'll... be leaving earlier today."


OLD TOKYO - Daycare - Playground

Shinji, sitting in the abandoned playground, plops his thumb in his mouth, expecting something to happen. Suddenly, he notices someone.

little girl with short, blue hair is standing out in the middle of the empty street.

A loud flutter distracts Shinji. A small flock of birds, once perched on the nearby phone wires, have suddenly taken flight.

He turns back to try to find the other baby he saw, but she's gone.

A loud rumble filled the air and everything seemed to shake. Turning around, Shinji laid eyes on a sight that would make anyone's blood chill.

From behind a mountain emerges a large green creature with a red ball on its chest. It is vaguely human-like and appears to have some kind of mask on.

NERV - Command Center

The command center is a large room with many monitors, hologram projectors, and the like. Currently, the place is in a huge ruckus over the monster which rose from the sea. Three techs, MAYA IBUKISHIGERU AOBA, and MAKOTO HYUGA, read stats as they come up.

IBUKI (OFF): “The unidentified object is still approaching our position. An irregular magnetic field detected in the target's environs. Please commence with precise measurements immediately. According to the optical survey, inspection work of the results is top priority.”

At a desk in the center of the main platform of the command center are two men: one was Gendo Ikari, a bearded man with a clean-shaven upper lip, orange-tinted sunglasses, and cloth gloves. He is the head of the secret organization Nerv. To his right stands a tall, older gentleman, Kozo Fuyutsuki.

Gendo watches the chaos unfold on the massive main monitor. His hands are folded, obscuring his mouth from one if they were somehow looking straight on at him.

FUYUTSUKI: "It's been five years, hasn't it?"

GENDO: "Yes. There can be no mistake. It's an Angel. How are we on the checklist? Angel?"


GENDO: "The Eva?"


GENDO: "...pilot?"

FUYUTSUKI: "Bedridden."

GENDO: "Back-up?"

FUYUTSUKI: "Yet to be located."

Above the Nerv commander are three army generals from the United Nations: PublicHospital, and Store. The all talk like drill sergeants. Hospital reaches for the nearby phone and picks it up. 

HOSPITAL: "Perkins! This is Hospital! Blow that overgrown Halloween decoration back to the Stone Age!"


Every vehicle that the UN's Japanese unit had in the ruins open fire on this creature: Sachiel, the Third Angel. Cruise missiles fly through the old city.

A swarm of Jet VTOL fighters bombard the colossal Angel with air-to-surface missiles. They don't work.

Sachiel sends a natural spear of deadly light through one of the VTOLs and then retracts the appendage.

OLD TOKYO - Daycare - Playground

The wrecked VTOL crashes into the far side of the daycare building. The loud noises make Shinji cry. He doesn't like this one bit!

In the distance, above Sachiel's head, something appears. A halo, barely visible. As the ring is present, the Angel leaps.

Shinji watches in alarm as the Angel lands on the destroyed aircraft, crushing the wreckage with its massive foot. He cowers at the sight.

Suddenly, a car slams on breaks nearby. 

The driver's door swings open and Misato, decked in shades and a black dress, gets out. She smirks.

MISATO: "Who in their right mind would abandon a little kid like you?"

Misato picks up little Shinji, quickly straps him into the brightly-colored baby seat she has in the back of her car. Outside, the sound of the fruitless assault on the Angel continues.

With the baby situated, Misato puts the car into reverse, looking backwards as a piece of debris makes the roof sink in.

The car bolts backward through a cloud of dust and then forward before Sachiel's immense foot can squash them.

A wild ride is just getting started and Shinji is already screaming his head off.

NERV - Command Center

The generals are furious, Hospital angrily grips a pen.

STORE: "Hit it with everything we've got. Commit all the units from Atsugi and Iruma!"

PUBLIC: "Don't hold anything back! Destroy the target at any cost!"

Gendo is not impressed by the hawkish officers' actions. While they act like they came out of a comic book, the Nerv commander is completely reserved.

GENDO: "I told you. It's not going to work."


Like something out of a Godzilla movie, the outclassed UN forces fail to even scratch the Angel. Even with bombers armed with heavy-duty missiles. One such missile is snagged by Sachiel, split into three right down the middle, and exploded.

NERV - Command Center

General Public slams his fist in frustration as Sachiel appears on the main screen.


The tank battalion's been annihilated. Guided missiles and artillery have no effect either."

"No damage to target detected."

HYUGA (OFF): "No response from primary battery."

PUBLIC: “It's useless! With such limited firepower, we can't even touch it!”

“Unable to confirm signs of the 6th aviation platoon.”

Nearby, Fuyutsuki and Gendo watch the three officers' breakdown with composure.

FUYUTSUKI: "An A. T. Field."

GENDO: "I kept telling them: conventional weapons are useless against an Angel."

AOBA (OFF): "Target is currently moving from Highway 83 onto 88."

A hotline starts ringing. Hospital swipes his keycard through its slit and picks it up.

HYUGA (OFF): "Target has broken through the Tonosawa line!"

HOSPITAL: "Understood, Sir! We'll deploy it as planned!" (To Gendo) "We will now proceed with Plan B!"

Hospital hangs up the phone.

GENDO: "You're finally going to listen to me and use the Eva?"

HOSPITAL: "Negative! We are deploying an  Mine!"

GENDO: "Well tickle me pink."

OLD TOKYO - Outskirts

POV: Misato's electric binoculars. Misato watches, while she leans out of the driver's window, as surviving aircraft attacking Sachiel begin to disperse. Something is about to happen and it immediately dawns on her as she drops her binoculars in shock.

MISATO: "Hold the phone… They're gonna use an N² weapon!?"

Misato scrambles into the back seat, gets Shinji out of his baby seat and covers him with her body.

An intense light shines into the car.

Far away, a massive explosion occurs at Sachiel's feet. The effects of N² weapons, such as the mine the Angel stepped on, are as powerful as nuclear weaponry. No fallout occurs after detonation, which ultimately made nukes obsolete.

The shock of the blast swept the area, sending Misato's car rolling away.

A non-radioactive mushroom cloud rises into the sky. Beneath it, Misato's car has righted itself.

The baby begins crying, as Misato watches the conflagration with silent awe.

NERV - Command Center

On the main screen, the large inferno created by the N² mine is shown.

IBUKI (OFF): "Of the 99 electromagnetic heat rays, 8% have hit the target directly."

General Store stands up quickly.


Hospital and Public are also elated by their apparent success. Public turns around to face Gendo, looking quite smug.

PUBLIC: "Too bad, Ikari! You'll just have to scrap that little science project of yours, 'Rita' or whatever you called it!"

AOBA (OFF): "A unidirectional temperature of 2000° observed in the hypocenter."

Behind his folded hands, Gendo smiled. The arrogance of the "Old Blood-And-Guts Society" will soon blow up in their faces.

Fuyutsuki felt the same way as Gendo.

HOSPITAL: "Current status of the target?"

IBUKI (OFF): "Unable to confirm, too much EMP interference.

PUBLIC: "You saw how big that explosion was! It's history!"

AOBA (OFF): "Sensors restored."

Scan-lines run across the monitor, producing the image of a crater.

IBUKI (OFF): "Energy reaction at hypocenter."

Public thrusts out of his seat, in disbelief.

PUBLIC: "It can't be!"

"Visuals restored."

The shape of Sachiel appear on the monitor, in the midst of the fire created by the mine. The three generals are in shock.

PUBLIC: "That was our ace-in-the-hole!"

STORE: "It's impossible...!"

HOSPITAL: "A blamed demon...!"

IBUKI (OFF): "Observation of target resuming. Surface temperature: 3000°, steady."

HYUGA (OFF): "18% of the component material appears to have melted. Cannot recognize sigma line."

OLD TOKYO - Outskirts

Sachiel emerges from the fire. Most of the visible damage has been done to the Angel's face, though some signs of melting have occurred elsewhere. Its original "mask" has been shoved to the side and a new one emerges at the same spot once held by the former. Red blood oozes from the new "mask".


Misato's car, hastily repaired with duct tape, speeds down the road. The shine of the fire created by the mine glows behind the mountains.

Shinji, back in his baby seat, has finally calmed down. Misato, behind the wheel, talks on the phone to another woman by way of Bluetooth.

MISATO: "Don't worry! The baby's perfectly safe."

???: "Are you sure?"

The voice of the other woman was quite skeptical, Misato had to roll her eyes.

MISATO: "Not a scratch. Just prep a car-train to take us to the GeoFront."

???: "Keep in mind that you..."

MISATO: "Yeah, yeah, I'm the one who went to get him. He's my responsibility. I'll see you shortly."

Misato hangs up. She sighs.

MISATO (MONO): "This sucks. Just got this car restored and refurbished, but now it's totally wrecked. Thirty-three payments left on it, plus repair expenses. Not only that, but my only decent clothes are ruined! I was in such a good mood and..."

Misato smells something.

MISATO (MONO): "Is that rotting hot dogs?"

A look of pure terror comes across Misato's face as she quickly deduces the source of the scent. Turning around, she finds Shinji staring at her quizzically.

The car zigzags violently toward the tunnel ahead.


NERV - Command Center

The main screen displays Sachiel, now with his second "mask". Some of the melted bits are recovering.

IBUKI (Off): "The data on Casper's status is being copied to Melchior. Please hurry with the inspection operation."

Gendo is now standing in front of Public, Hospital, and Store. The three generals are now so humiliated by their failure to kill Sachiel that they gained indoor voices.

STORE: "But... it makes no sense. Monsters are only supposed to be indestructible in movies..."

Gendo still has his hands folded. He speaks in his typical calculating manner.

GENDO: "And realistically speaking, the 'monster' should have crumbled under its own weight based on its size. Yet it moves freely because of the very factor which prevents you from killing it. I suppose you didn't figure that out."

IBUKI (Off): "Let data management file No. 6 bypass the N filter and input to MAGI. Please hurry."

The hotline rings. Hospital answers it.

HOSPITAL: "Hello? Oh. Okay."

Hospital hangs up.

HOSPITAL: "Ikari, we have received word from HQ. Effective immediately, command of the operation has been... passed to you."

Gendo stands up and turns around to face the shamed trio.

AOBA (Off): "The current lockout on block B-27 will remain. Gate 7 will open after two minutes."

HOSPITAL: "We'll be frank. The United Nations admits that our weapons had no effect on the target. But do you believe you can defeat it?"

Gendo smiles. As he pushes his glasses up the bridge of his nose as he answers.

GENDO: "Do not be so concerned. After all, this is the reason why Nerv exists.

HOSPITAL: "We expect much from you."

The generals' platform retracts into the floor.

IBUKI: "No change yet in target."

HYUGA (Off): "Intercept system only at 7.5%."

Fuyutsuki turns to Gendo. The main screen now shows a topographical map of the Kanagawa Prefecture.

FUYUTSUKI: "The UN has been brought to its knees. What do you plan to do?"

GENDO: "I will activate EVA-01."

The announcement slightly surprises Fuyutsuki.

FUYUTSUKI: "EVA-01? But we have no pilot for her."

Gendo smirks.

GENDO: "We will, soon enough."


Shinji is still in his baby seat, but now without his pants. In spite of the Angel's rampage, Misato was able to get Shinji some diapers, even if they are the cheap convenience store kind. In fact, she just left the ripped-open bag on the floor of the back of the car along with the baby wipes she'd bought with them. His new diaper was not put on neatly.

MISATO: "We're going to be seeing your Daddy real soon, Shinji."

They exit the tunnel. The huge, inverted buildings of Tokyo-3 hang from the ceiling of the GeoFront.

Shinji gasps in awe.

MISATO: "This is the GeoFront, Shinji. Down there's Nerv HQ.

As the car-train descends, we pull back to see the Nerv pyramid far beneath the upside-down city.

NERV - Central Dogma

Misato holding a map in her right hand. The text in the upper-left says, “Nerv Headquarters: Central Dogma B20”. Misato has written, “This area!!”

MISATO: "I was sure this was the right way."

She lowers the map and a hexagonal door ahead of her opens.

She is holding Shinji with her left arm. The baby is clutching her shoulder.

A blast of air hits the two.

FEMALE COMPUTER VOICE (OFF): "Central Dogma's closed passages will remain in this condition."

Shinji and Misato stand in place. They are being moved on a conveyor belt.

FEMALE COMPUTER VOICE (OFF): "Please open Block B-26 in sequence."

Holding Shinji in one arm and using the other to look at the map, Misato looks pretty confused.

MISATO: "I wonder where Ritsuko is."

WIPE to...

NERV - Elevator

Shinji is now standing on the ground, hand held by Misato. They reflect on the shiny door of the elevator they've just called. Misato is still looking for their location on the map.

With the sound of a bell, the doors open.

When it does, it reveals Dr. Ritsuko Akagi (with whom Misato had spoken to on the phone on the way in) standing there. She does not have a very inviting look on her face. 

The sudden appearance surprises Misato. She smiles awkwardly.

MISATO: "Um, hi, Ritsuko?"

Misato steps backward to let Ritsuko in as she enters the elevator.

RITSUKO: Well, well. What's your excuse now, Captain Katsuragi?" 

MISATO: "I took a wrong turn?"

RITSUKO: You know we're short on time and hands."

MISATO: "Sorry."

Ritsuko draws breath out from her nose. She notices Shinji.

RITSUKO: "Anyway, this must be the Third Children."

Shinji sticks his fingers in his mouth.

RITSUKO: "Allow me to lead from this point."

NERV - Command Center

"Report from the 2nd Optical Measurement Station. Temperature inside the target's body is currently rising. It appears to have resumed activity."

Gendo gets on a small elevator as Fuyutsuki watches.

GENDO: "Take over, Fuyutsuki."

The elevator descends.

FUYUTSUKI: "Their first meeting in three months...?"

HYUGA (OFF): "Vice-Commander! Target has resumed movement!"

FUYUTSUKI: "Right! Battle stations, Level 1!"

NERV - Artificial Lake

Ritsuko pilots a hovercraft up a waterway filled with pinkish-red liquid. Ahead is some sort of purple arm with a staircase, dock, and gantry to the side. Shinji and Misato are aboard.

The boat stops up against the dock.

NERV - EVA-01's Cage

The room is pitch-black, save from the light shining in from behind the two women and the baby. Misato is carrying Shinji.

The door behind them shuts, extinguishing all light for a second.

A click is heard and the lights of the cage come on. Ritsuko, Shinji, and Misato are standing before the head of EVA-01.

SHINJI: "Wobot...!"

RITSUKO: "Er, no. This is actually a cyborg..."

SHINJI: "Wobot!"

Ritsuko rolls her eyes. Clearly not understanding that he's just a baby.

Shinji looks at EVA-01 for a moment before noticing a brightly-lit room above it and its single occupant.

SHINJI: "Daddy!"

Gendo frowns as his son calls out to him.

MISATO: "Commander Ikari!"

Somehow, the monitor to Gendo's right is displaying several identical images of little Shinji, reaching out for his father.

Gendo leers toward his son out in the cage.

GENDO: "Sortie."

MISATO: "But EVA-00 is being frozen."

She remembers that another Eva is right in front of her.

MISATO: "You're using EVA-01!?"

Ritsuko answers flatly.

RITSUKO: "It's the only way."

Shinji looks at the blonde, curious.

Gendo explains the situation to his son. Even though he's speaking to a baby, there is no change in his voice: just the same calculating tone he usually has.

GENDO: "You are to pilot EVA-01 and fight the Third Angel!"

Suddenly Shinji realizes that his father is talking about the big monster that crushed the daycare. The background behind Shinji goes black and a ghostly image of Sachiel looms behind the baby.

Shinji begins crying, quite loudly.

Ritsuko cringes at the baby's bawling and Misato, caught off guard by the sudden outburst, widens her eyes and grits her teeth.

Misato faces Gendo and asks in an awkward voice:

MISATO: "Commander, are you sure this is a good idea?"

Gendo is unaffected by the wailing Third Children.

GENDO: "If he doesn't pilot it, who will?"

TOKYO-3 - Surface

The eyes Sachiel's new face flash.

A large violet fireball occurs in the midst of the city. It creates a column of fire which bursts into three directions at the top, forming a cross.

NERV - EVA-01's Cage

Shinji is now sitting on the ground, still crying. 

The whole place shakes from the Angel's blast.

GENDO: "It's close. It must sense us!"

TOKYO-3 - Surface

Sachiel generates another explosion.

NERV - EVA-01's Cage

Shinji is still crying.

IBUKI (LOUDSPEAKER): "Damage to Layer 1, Armor Plate 8."

Gendo ascertains the situation. He faces the monitor and speaks.

GENDO: "Fuyutsuki."

One of the crying Shinji's on the monitor is replaced by Fuyutsuki.

GENDO: "Go wake up Rei."

FUYUTSUKI: "Can we use her?"

GENDO: "She's not dead."

FUYUTSUKI: "Yes, sir."

Fuyutsuki's panel changes to a grey one with the text "SOUND ONLY" on it.

The chorus of crying Shinji's is reflected on Gendo's lenses.

GENDO: "Rei?"

REI (OFF): "Yes, Mr. Gendo?"

GENDO: "Your substitute is unusable. You will do it again."

REI (OFF): "'kay."

Ritsuko stares at the crying toddler.

RITSUKO: "Reconfigure EVA-01 to Rei. Restart!"

The little boy finally stops crying when the hatch to the cage opens.

A stretcher and IV are wheeled in. It carries a little girl, the same age as Shinji, with ghostly blue hair and dressed in a white plugsuit. She is wrapped in bandages and has a gauze pad covering her right eye. This is Rei.

Rei struggles to get up. The pain of her wounds distort her face.

Shinji remembers the baby girl he saw for a split-second back at daycare. She looks just like her!

SHINJI: "Baby?"

TOKYO-3 - Surface

Sachiel generates another explosion, one strong enough to penetrate into...


The a pink pillar of fire stretches down through the roof of the GeoFront, bursting into a cross.

A few buildings drop from the ceiling. The crash kicks up water and dust.

NERV - EVA-01's Cage

The cage shakes.

The stretcher is knocked over and Rei slips off.

Rei lands on her bottom. She does not cry.

Several lights have been knocked loose and are about to fall on Shinji.

Suddenly, EVA-01 raises her right arm out of the "water" and blocks the lights from crushing the two with her hand.

Some lights bounce off her hand. One flies toward the glass window of the control room. The glass is too thick to break. Gendo smiles smugly at the scene.

Misato, gripping a railing, hears the lights falling into the water. She opens her eyes to realize that they're alive and turns her head.

EVA-01 has her right hand high out of the water.

Ritsuko, knocked on her butt from the shock of Sachiel's latest attack, stares up at the purple behemoth.

RITSUKO: "Impossible! The entry plug hasn't been inserted. The EVA shouldn't have been able to move!

A shocked Misato looks at the palm.

MISATO: "It reacted without any input. Was it protecting something?"

She looks at what's below the palm: Shinji.


Shinji crawls toward Rei.

MISATO (MONO): "We can do it!"

Shinji gets up to Rei and tries to talk to her.

Unlike Rei, who has learned how to communicate with adults, Shinji's development hasn't reached beyond few simple words. He can't talk to adults, but can speak to other small children... but it would sound like baby talk to everyone else.

Shinji gets up to Rei and tries to talk to her.

Unlike Rei, who has learned how to communicate with adults, Shinji's development hasn't reached beyond few simple words. He can't talk to adults, but can speak to other small children... but it would sound like baby talk to everyone else due to the frequency.

SHINJI: "Little girl? Are you okay?"

Rei doesn't speak, she's in too much pain.

SHINJI: "Little girl?"

Shinji gets sad.

Misato and Ritsuko walk up to the two toddlers.

SHINJI: "(Mouths something inaudible) ...wobot."

MISATO: "Shinji?"

Rei faces Misato.

REI: "He wants to get in the EVA."

Gendo looks on. He has been smiling, knowingly, through the whole drama below.

The "water" in the cage starts to drain.

NERV - Command Center

On Ibuki's computer, the display of EVA-01 turns green.

Ritsuko and Misato are now standing behind Ibuki as she fiddles with the computer.

IBUKI: "Stop-signal plug ejection complete."

NERV - EVA-01's Cage

An entry plug is inserted into EVA-01.

The lock bolt disengages and the entry plug is fixed into place.

The insertion device withdraws. The plug cover pulls back into place.

AOBA (LOUDSPEAKER): "Entry plug secured."

HYUGA (LOUDSPEAKER): "Start Level-1 Connection."


Shinji is in the entry plug, seated before a very Fischer-Price-looking console: buttons shaped like stars, triangles, squares, etc., all big enough for him to push with his hand. He is still in his regular clothes. He was also given plastic pants to be put over his diaper for reasons that will become clear in a moment.

IBUKI (RADIO): "Filling entry plug now."

An orange liquid rises in the plug. He screams.

RITSUKO (RADIO): "It's alright. Once your lungs are filled with LCL, you'll be supplied with oxygen directly. You'll get used to it."

HYUGA (RADIO): "LCL concentration normal. Pressure at standard value."

NERV - EVA-01's Cage

A crane dollies away from EVA-01's arm

AOBA (LOUDSPEAKER): "Main power source connected."

HYUGA (LOUDSPEAKER): "Power being transmitted to all circuits, no problems."


IBUKI (RADIO): "Start Level-2 Connection."

The orange atmosphere of the entry plug gives way to normal coloring.

The display inside the plug initiates. Eventually the outside surroundings are shown.

IBUKI (Radio): "Connecting to A¹⁰ nerve. No abnormalities."

AOBA (Radio): "LCL electric charge normal."

RITSUKO (Radio): "Initial stage of contact, no problems detected."

Shinji is taken by awe.

IBUKI (Radio): "Bidirectional circuits are open."

NERV - Command Center

Ibuki and Ritsuko watch the former's computer monitor. Synchronization graph is displayed on Ibuki's computer screen.

IBUKI: "Synch rate, 41.3%."

Green tag-like objects fill Ibuki's screen with orderly spacing.

IBUKI: "All harmonics values are normal. Everything is under control."

AOBA (OFF): "Internal voltage holding, charging still ongoing."

Misato nods.

MISATO: Begin launch.

NERV - EVA-01's Cage

Lock bolts are released from EVA-01.

NERV - Command Center

Display. One by one, the plates disengage.

HYUGA (OFF): "Release safety locks 1 through 15."

NERV - EVA-01's Cage

EVA-01 is being being conveyed toward the ejector pad.

IBUKI (LOUDSPEAKER): "EVA-01 is now free."

AOBA (LOUDSPEAKER): "External power outlet, green."

The EVA is secured to a vertical catapult. The armored hatches above her open.

NERV - Command Center

Display. The planned path of EVA-01's launch path.

Misato's expression is strained.

RITSUKO (OFF): "Launch preparation complete."

MISATO: "Roger."

Misato turns to Gendo, seated at his platform with his hands folded.

MISATO: "Are you sure this is a good idea, Commander?"

Gendo answers bluntly.

GENDO: "It's the only way. If we cannot kill the Angels, we have no future."

MISATO: "Rei is one thing, but Shinji? Why not get someone older to pilot the EVAs?"

GENDO: "Classified."

Fuyutsuki speaks, as if Gendo is the only one in the room with him.

FUYUTSUKI: "Ikari, can we really do this?"

Gendo smiles, knowingly.

MISATO: "Launch!"

NERV - EVA-01's Cage

Electricity arcs around EVA-01's legs before the purple giant is thrusted up the shaft above her.


The force of the ascent beats down on Shinji, but the baby bears it.

TOKYO-3 - Surface

Sachiel appears from behind a building, almost as if he were peeking around the corner.

The Angel starts walking down the street when the red lights of a ground-level hatch ahead of him turn on.

The hatch opens and EVA-01 emerges with great force. Its ascent halts with a loud clang.


Shinji sees the Angel directly ahead. He is clearly frightened.

NERV - Command Center

The Command Center personnel watch, uneasily, as EVA-01 stares down Sachiel.

MISATO (MONO): "Whatever you do, Shinji, don't die out there." 


"What if toddlers had to fend off a bunch Eldricht Abominations?"

This is what happens after having to do a river of dishes: you make a "spin-off babies" of Evangelion!

There will be madness.

EVA is owned by Gainax
Some dialogue and scripting provided through EvaGeeks.
Special thanks to :iconlance-the-young:

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This seems like an awesome read ^^!!!(now I wish a lot of people did remakes with baby versions of characters XP) Hoping you're still working on this cause I got another 2 to read ^^!!!
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Awwww. ^^ Really great. Looking forward to episode two; Shinji in Misato's apartment should be adorable.