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GDI Mech Factory

Original concept for GDI mech factory in the Tiberian Sun Universe.
Model in Sketchup, rendered in PSCS2

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Nice work. But it will be destroyed. Because I'm for NOD)) 
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I did some digging on some of my old games.

Turns out Westwood worked with Activision back in 1988 to help make Battletech: Crescent Hawks' Inception and Crescent Hawks' Revenge.

This might be their motivation for the Battle Mechanized Walker Program (Wolverines, Titans, Juggernauts, Mammoth Mk. II)!
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Sorry for the late reply, havn't been on DA in a while. hehe well I don't think TS would have been the same without them. You should take a look at Hawken too if you are into mechs.
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*Ghost Stalker starts running out of the factory, as it starts to explode internally.*
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*Looks back to watch the factory explode, then continues on to a mutant battlebus.*
Yeah obelisk! Go ahead, do it!
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yeah maybe, it's just one of many things I want to do at this point.
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Should Nod be the one getting the mechs?
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haha true, I guess I wanted to do an alt GDI factory design without really worrying where it would fit in the game. I love the general look and feel of GDI in Tiberian Sun although I might do some NOD structures eventually, maybe an Obelisk.
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