100 Warrior Cats Challenge

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Edit 2: Thanks QuietPurri for linking me to the original!
Original list is by Nifty-senpai

Edit: Fixed all the little problems found with the numbering and such ^^


1 0 0  W A R R I O R  C A T S  c h a l l e n g e

1. Firestar
2. Bluestar
3. Tallstar
4. Blackstar
5. Tigerstar
6. Leopardstar
7. Crookedstar
8. Onestar
9. Leafpool
10. Spottedleaf
11. Yellowfang
12. Cinderpelt
13. Barkface
14. Jayfeather
15. Willowshine
16. Mothwing
17. Littlecloud
18. Stormfur
19. Feathertail
20. Squirrelflight
21. Brambleclaw
22. Crowfeather
23. Tawnypelt
24. Lionblaze
25. Nightstar
26. Hollyleaf
27. Sorreltail
28. Hawkfrost
29. Longtail
30. Darkstripe
31. Graystripe
32. Silverstream
33. Oakheart
34. Mistyfoot
35. Stonefur
36. Whitestorm
37. Scourge
38. Bone
39. Barley
40. Thunderstar
41. Leafstar
42. Sharpclaw
43. Cherrypaw
44. Sparrowpaw
45. Runningwind
46. Cloudtail
47. Brokenstar
48. Dustpelt
49. Ferncloud
50. Spiderleg
51. Daisy
52. Birchfall
53. Berrynose
54. Heatherpaw
55. Brackenfur
56. Cinderheart
57. Ravenpaw
58. Sandstorm
59. Willowpelt
60. Brindleface
61. Goldenflower
62. Sasha
63. Mousefur
64. Half Moon
65. Brook where small fish swim
66. Smudge
67. Lionheart
68. Speckletail
69. Russetfur
70. Riverstar
71. Deadfoot
72. Raggedstar
73. Redtail
74. Brightheart
75. Ashfur
76. Graypool
77. Windstar
78. Mudclaw
79. Breezepaw
80. Nightcloud
81. Cody
82. Millie
83. Poppyfrost
84. Honeyfern
85. Hazeltail
86. Whitewing
87. Frostfur
88. Dappeltail
89. Molepaw
90. Foxpaw
91. Icepaw
92. Talon of swooping eagle
93. Stoneteller
94. Princess
95. Night of no stars
96. Shadowstar
97. Patchpelt
98. Swiftpaw
99. Fallenleaves
100. Mapleshade

Good Luck~ ^^

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Hey are any of these cats only seen in super editions, novellas, or magnas? Sorry I’ve only read all of the main storyline books and two of the DoTC books

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These are actually very nice things to do in quarantine lol

artsy1dragon's avatar

Wait... u did akiras speed draw!

Mlpfanalltheway156's avatar

All of these cats... I want to do it, but I don't have the time, nor the dedication..... Plus, I'm pretty sure I haven't heard of at least 25 of the cats on this list...

TurdleHeartDrawz's avatar

Whispers) I dont have a life so I shall dedicate it to drawing these cats

Lunaclaw999's avatar

I'm gonna try this challenge! Hopefully I can make it through XD

LunaCat18's avatar

Four done! Missed a few days, I’ve been busy.

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ParanoiaTheSkyWing's avatar
So what is this challenge?
BriTheBanana's avatar

Every day you draw each warrior. Example: Day 1 is Firestar, so you’d draw Firestar and then draw the next one, day 2 and so on

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Ville247's avatar

there are some of my favs in it

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you sure can! ^^ its for anyone to try
VixsenCl0ud's avatar

okie thanks 0w0

ill try to do my best UwU

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Here’s my attempt at day 1-Firestar:

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Coastalwaves's avatar
100 Warriors Challenge 1 by Coastalwaves I didn't freaking use a ref and I rushed it but I'm kind of proud of it?
WhiteCloverAnimation's avatar
I'm going to do that!
It'll be fun and useful in maps 
BadmintonBat's avatar
got started with Firestar!  Firestar by BadmintonBat  
it hurts my eyes to just scroll down...
and also it's hard to draw with a mouse so...
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wait is cherrypaw cherryfall or cherrytail
crimscntigrr's avatar
maybe you should ask Nifty-senpai, she made this.
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