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The Coming Curse

By MistaBobby
~The Coming Curse~ by ~MistaBobby

1280x1024 version: [link]

The first piece of two for the pageview winners contest.
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© 2004 - 2021 MistaBobby
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I walk the Earth another day
The wicked one that comes this way
Savior to my own, devil to some
Mankind falls, something wicked comes
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When I first looked at this, I thought death was standing there and behind the mist was the river Styx and perhaps he's waiting for the ferry to come take his next victim to see Minos at the structure on the other side. But after reading the description under the dd, I now think of the bubonic plague and how the rich locked themselves away from the plague. Death is waiting for them to come out for food or supplies so he can infect them. This piece can be seen in do many different aspects, and with true art, meaning is limitless. Amazing, beautiful work. I'm impressed :)
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Great work!
Are you aware someone used this in a youtube slideshow? [link] (around half song)
At least he used it appropriately.
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i love the grim reper dont u? F)
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thank you for making this!!ii love it
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I'm glad you like it... :devilish:
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This has always been a favorite deviant of mine! It's just so, so great! <3
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Wow :o this is awesome
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Glad you like it... :devilish:
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Very well done!!
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Very nice. I like the soft texture of the clouds/fog.
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Thank you.

How did you find it? :)
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In the Resource Roundup:)
Good work caught my attention!:D
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That looks amazing! :D
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Thanks... :devilish:

I appreciate the kind words.
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Awesome! Would you be able to reupload the 1280x1024 version? It doesn't seem to work for me.
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I will see if I can locate it on my old laptop and re-upload it...

Hmm... :p bugger.
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I'd be so grateful :) Your work is brilliant actually and it really deserves a DD you got for it :)
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