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Hey thar all, I'm moving on over to a new DA gallery, t-e-s that I hope will help me better brand myself and make my art easier for people to find.
I know that this is essentially shooting myself in the foot in the short term. I will probably lose at least half of the people who watch me, and I will have to start my stats all over again. However I think that in the long run that it will help me out because people may come to associate my da gallery page with what I sign to my work.

I'm going to leave my this gallery up, just in an archival sort of way. At least for the time being. I'm not really interested in moving all of my older stuff to my new gallery.

Make sure to check me out over at :icont-e-s:

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Baby News

1 min read
Catherine's baby is going to be a girl :D
They tried to get a piture of her to take home from the ultrasound but she was just too squirmy. Cute >w<
Now that I know the gender I'm going into baby stuff making frenzy. I have only 4 months left till she's due or something like that.
HAHA I have to finish up the projects I have on the go, and get them out of the way.
I am excited and verily so.
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2 min read
I was soo soo soOOOOO excited to go see the transformers movie. It was all thrilling and I was squeeing like a little girl *eeeeeeee Optimus Prime*fanswoon* and then Megatron woke up and was like "WTF Starscream I slept for like a 1000 years, I don't know what you did but you musta fucked something up so you're sleepin on the porch tonight! D:< " And Starscream was like "But Daddy I din't mean to lose the spark, I only live to serve D: please don't make me sleep on the porch, I didn't do anything honest! I won't do it again!!"
And then the sound died... and stayed dead and I was like WTF Starscream no sympathy from me, you fucked up again.. and this time my beloved transformers D:
I had to walk out of the theatre, I got a movie pass though which is cool. But I have to go out of my way to watch it again.
Anyway it was margurita monday over at mexicali rosas so that's where I ended up to try and ease the pain of not enough robots who are also in disguise.
So here I am, 2am-ish, drunk, with a pickle puppet on my finger singing froufrou to Travis and telling you that Transformers rock but don't take any shit from Starscream, you may have felt sympathy for him in the cartoons (I mean the poor guy wasted Megatron's energy by misfiring him and then got the cold treatment for ages because Megatron can't controll his own loaded weapon) but seriously though don't let him ruin your movie. Bitch slap that mofo.

Go see Transformers movie.
Go drink margaritas untill you are bursting with pee and doors are confusing.
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Alright so I want another tattoo. I know exactly what I want, I can picture it but I need an artist to render it for me. Someone who is not me. I would like it done by a skilled vector artist, someone who does that retro-modern style and rocks out the hard ones. I know ya'll watch a bunch of different people so I'm hoping that you can make suggestions; DA is such a big place that while I've tried looking on my own, finding the quality I'm looking for is mixed in with a whole lot of stuff I'm not interested in or they're not taking commissions.

Also I am offering badge commissions, I'm looking to raise money enough to buy a laminating machine so as to make even more badges; $200. They will be done on cardstock, ink and colour pencil. They're laminated and I'll put a eyelet/grommet, including a ring to use it to attatch to a 35" black satin rattail cord, if you'd like a different length please specify.

www.deviantart.com/deviation/5… - regular, 3x4" not counting the laminate, $15
www.deviantart.com/deviation/5… - large, appr 4x6" not counting the laminate, $25

I can produce these quickly and given a smooth transaction, with good communication I can get these done within a week.
Shipping - USA: $2.50, Canada: $1.50, Itntl: contact for rates


PS looking back at old entries, I am utterly dissapointed in myself what I wrote the day of my grandfather's death. It's impact on me was much more profound than what I said, I think I was in shock and didn't know what to say and everything was going on. It was only a month before that I was up visiting him, and I didn't know that it would be my last time. I feel stupid and needy.
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You know how sometimes when you take the bus something goes wrong, it's late or there's that obnoxious guy who sits across from you and tells you loudly and repeatedy how you have to be a millionare to have children, and that such and such city is better (true story).
Today was one thing after another. I was heading off to work and the bus was 10 mins late from the get go. I got on the bus and saw why, there were two wheelchairs on the bus, they can take a little time to get on and get strapped in and I figured that if this was the worst thing the day would throw at me, whatever then. Of course because of the wheelchairs meant that on the buisy bus there was no space to sit. I did manage to get a seat and whipped out my crochet. This lady sits down next to me and I have to move over a bit not to get sat on and made an offhand comment about not wanting to accidentally stab her with my crochet and she gave me this look like I was accusing her of being fat. Whatevs. So the wheelchair people are sassing up the busdriver because they wanted to get off but didn't tell her, like they expected her to know. Getting them off the bus of course takes time, add sassing and the fact that the seats wouldn't fold back down into the proper position. Lastly we stopped at one of the main stops and we were there an abnormally long time. and this transit guy gets on the bus, with gloves on takes the fire extinguisher from behind the driver's seat goes behind the bus for a few minutes and then brings the extinguisher back. I don't know what happened but I know that I was sooo close to being late that I was genuinely surprised that I made it to work on time (and oh so just barely)
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