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Hey thar all, I'm moving on over to a new DA gallery, t-e-s (https://www.deviantart.com/t-e-s) that I hope will help me better brand myself and make my art easier for people to find. I know that this is essentially shooting myself in the foot in the short term. I will probably lose at least half of the people who watch me, and I will have to start my stats all over again. However I think that in the long run that it will help me out because people may come to associate my da gallery page with what I sign to my work. I'm going to leave my this gallery up, just in an archival sort of way. At least for the time being. I'm not really interested in moving all of my older stu
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Baby News

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:D Catherine's baby is going to be a girl :D They tried to get a piture of her to take home from the ultrasound but she was just too squirmy. Cute >w< Now that I know the gender I'm going into baby stuff making frenzy. I have only 4 months left till she's due or something like that. HAHA I have to finish up the projects I have on the go, and get them out of the way. I am excited and verily so.
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I was soo soo soOOOOO excited to go see the transformers movie. It was all thrilling and I was squeeing like a little girl *eeeeeeee Optimus Prime*fanswoon* and then Megatron woke up and was like "WTF Starscream I slept for like a 1000 years, I don't know what you did but you musta fucked something up so you're sleepin on the porch tonight! D:< " And Starscream was like "But Daddy I din't mean to lose the spark, I only live to serve D: please don't make me sleep on the porch, I didn't do anything honest! I won't do it again!!" And then the sound died... and stayed dead and I was like WTF Starscream no sympathy from me, you fucked up again..
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Hooray for tes!!!! can you guess who this is?
Lulz Yes :3
Bishop, lamb-hyena-thing. >w<
How're you finding DA and what's more why no arts? Still without scanner or something (I can't remember what exactly was your reason >.> )
heh... iv'e known about DV for quite a while... i just recently grew the balls to make a profile. I plan to open up another one under a diff name .... and about the no artsies thing, i can't really save any of my drawings on my father's compy....i only have enough freedom to surf the web :stormtrooper:
Thank you for the fav!
Thanks for the watch o/
Love your stuff <3

FURRIES. 8'D X'3 :heart: