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League of Legends Ashe Cosplay

Photo by: :iconsilenceral:

Costume made and worn by me

If you like my cosplays please like my FB page at

It was amazing to work with :iconsilenceral: this shoot was done at PAX PRIME 2012 It was a LOT of fun and he did an incredible job with the photos!!
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Look great. Congratulations. :)
90% photoshop, 10% photo
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so awesome X3 my fave champ XD
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Simply incredible... 

Kurojigen is doing a set of amazing cosplays from LOL and we are here asking for your permission to use this picture in our article. We will give all credits to the ones who made it possible

thank you 
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Wow, it's really nice!
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Your Cosplay is amazing! I'm actually working on a genderbent Ashe cosplay right now. If I may ask, what did you use to make your quiver for your arrows? Also, how did you attach the rings on your arms to your body? Thank you for your time!
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those effects thought La la la la :happybounce: Shocked 
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This is a very amazing Cosplay! I like it :3
Hi Missyeru

My name is Carlos Solórzano,
currently me and my staff are developing a League of Legends tournament in LAN region,
is there some interest in you for maybe sell us the rights for any picture of your LOL cosplays for use it in tournament presentation?, and is there a way you can send us a LEAGUE OF LEGENDS portfolio you may have available?
hope to read from you soon,
thank you very much for your time!

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like can you be so amazing???????
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awh your works are so ... i dont have words for this i think i love you^^
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This photo is awesome ;_; i love it. Ashe<3
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This is incredible!
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love the effects!!
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Your expression is super intense. Nice cosplay - good job! 
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Just perfect ...
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