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Look! Look At This!

just thought I'd put together two of my already existing vectors. Isn't it cute, though?? I imagine her saying to cadence:
:icontwilighthappyplz: "Cadence!! Can I keep him, pretty please??"
:iconprincesscadence: "Wait, you want one of my guards? Which one?"
:icontwilightepicsmileplz: "This one!" *points*
:iconcadence-eye-roll-plz: "Well, I guess"
:icontwilightblushplz: "heh heh...YAY!!"
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Can I use this art for a video please? :)
I promise to credit you
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This is what all the bronies feared and hated. Flash Sentry. IMO he's just a misunderstood character that wasn't given proper development.
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"Look at this loser....He's mine and you cannot have him."
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"And then we have THIS stallion!"
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Twilight's all like, "Look at my entire boyfriend!"
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this couple shouldn't be shipped.

They knew eachother for a day and hardly spoke to eachother.
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Lots of ships happen without a whole lot of actual interaction. Like the Caramel/Applejack ship. Just let people have their fun without pissing in their parade, eh?
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I've noticed your frozen fanart...
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One of the benefits of being a princess. XD
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Awwwww.  That's cute.
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... She isn't possessive, stupid and feeling powerful as that.... is she???
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That story is so adorable, this is very adorable :)
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cuteness overload !
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He likes all this attention.
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Ship it like FedEx
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Yes Twilight I get it, he's your special somepony, problem haters?
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congrats twilight,you now have a man servant >:3
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