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Sketch :: En Garde

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Published: March 21, 2006
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No ref, 45-60 minutes.

High Res: [link]
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wow, that's simply amazing work!
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wow awesome background! you deserve way more than 8 favs! Great use of medium and colours.
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MissWiggleProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you for the support! I'm glad you liked it. :3
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super atmosphere, so nebulous. it while dawn?

love it

lg, ss
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MissWiggleProfessional Digital Artist
It can be during dawn if you want it to. Kind of has that look to it... :D Thanks! :pie: :pirate:
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I find it absolutely mindboggling how quickly you made this. Very nice.
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En garde doesn't have a "U" in it? :O

I am le screwed! :nirvana:
Anyways, nice le sketch, le Wigz
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Holy crap, that's incredible! Done in photoshop? In less than an hour!?
Eep..have a higher res version somewhere? Hard to see the details, heh.
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MissWiggleProfessional Digital Artist
There ya go. :)

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cool, thanks. Uh, did you apply colors over a black and white version (like an overlay or something) like in your tutorial at polykarbon?
Or did you just straight out color it?
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MissWiggleProfessional Digital Artist
Hmmm. Let me think...(ive been meaning to post some alternate coloring method tuts).

I started with blue background and got some big fat texture brushes and just worked in some darker blues and a little green. So, light blue bg + darker blue & green. From there, I just started seeing shapes in the blobs and went at it with the trees. So yeah, color. No grey (this time).

You know, it's interesting, the other day I painted with straight flat color and used a black and white overlay on top--kind of an opposite approach to my tutorial, but it worked too. In fact, I kind of like it better. Maybe I should write more tuts. And then put them on my website...and then...oh crap, you got me babbling, gawd help you all...!!!

*covers her yammering mouth and runs to bed*
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oh no, don't stop. I was learning. Don't stunt me learning. Wah!
Anyway, nice. I have a horrible time coloring. I can't draw on the computer (tablet or mouse) so is it good if I just scan lineart in and color over it? Heh.
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MissWiggleProfessional Digital Artist
That's fine. The more I draw the more I realise that there is absolutely NO wrong way to do it. It's kind of about trying stuff out, whether it be through tutorials, or your own sweated perserverence. Kind of find your niche and run in that direction. Like, I used to scan in lineart and color underneath because that was the first method i ever learned (and it can be a good one), but it didn't agree with me. The more I got away from it, the better my stuff got. It's just a personal thing, like self discovery or something like that. Every once in awhile, I try it, and though I'm not the best at it, it gives me a fresh angle.
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awesome : ), more finished than your works lately. the forest really looks great, especially the light playing off the leaves.
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khuzulHobbyist Photographer
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